4.5 14
Gordo Prelight just lookin over the cigar- cracked wrapper in several spots and a gob of glue on cap- forced to straight cut to get it all. Once lit smoke wasn’t escaping through wrapper cracks so pushed on... Good from the start but I won’t buy again. Try it at least once! 3 5 1
Gordo Half of them seem to burn unevenly throughout the entire smoke. But they have a good flavor 3 5 1
Gordo PERFECTION on All fronts....Alll!!! Love this cigar blend. Can't wait to pick up another box. ABSOLUTELY NO ISSUES WITH ENTIRE BOX. 5 5 1
Gordo My go to daily cigar 5 5 1
Gordo Great golf course cigar 5 5 1
Gordo I just love this cigar! Very pleasing to the eye. Typical for AJF, the construction is fabulous. I really enjoy the Cameroons flavor. Like many Gordos, pretty mellow for the first third with some leather and tobacco flavors but as it smokes down, the flavors really kick in. I got the expected pepper but also some hints of fruitiness. So smooth and lasted a good 80 min. Will buy again! 5 5 1
Gordo A fan of anything by AJF. This cigar had a pleasant mixture of notes. Amazing draw, and perfect construction. 5 5 1
Gordo Amazing 5 5 1
Gordo Definitely in my top 5 smokes. Great balance and flavor development as this burns. I've never had an uneven burn and they are wrapped with quality and care. The draw is medium low and has been consistent throughout the box. Love the Cameroon taste. 5 5 1
Gordo Very disappointed. Usually ant cigar by AJ Fernandez is very good. This batch has had several runners and others have come unwrapped on both ends. Not good. 2 5 1
Gordo I made a V cut and it draws with ease. First couple of draws overpowered me with me a hot spicy aftertaste which quickly disappeared. Midway in the 1st third, this cigar developed into a mild-medium body cigar with leathery and earthy notes. Great construction, even burn, and a white, solid ash. A milder spicy tone comes back in the mix in the 2nd third, still a mild body throughout. It's a quite light and certainly enjoyable 'gar for a perfect afternoon. I wouldn't mind having a single malt scotch whiskey with it. I think it would pair very well together. Aged perfectly well with zero ammonia traces whatsoever as to be expected from such a premium cigar. Its beautiful band is so wide that upon having to remove it, a couple of very small pieces of the wrapper came out still glued to the band most likely due to the pectin touching it, however this is very minor. The leathery note comes back prominently on my palette into the end of the 2nd third which gives it a rich leathery aroma. Did i mention having a glad of single malt scotch would really enhance the experience with this one?! A nice finish where the spice comes back into the last 3rd with a decent long finish which left me nubbing to the end. Overall, I would rate this premium cigar by AJ in the 90+ amongst the milder-bodied category of premium cigars out there. Cheers 5 5 1
Gordo Great 5 5 1
Gordo A WOW Cameroon! SMOOTH & DEEELICOUS. . Yeah, he did it again and to no small degree. Hail AJF! 5 5 1

New World Cameroon by AJ Fernandez

Gordo 6 × 60 AJNCAG

A tantalizing premium smoke with full flavored notes of earth, coffee, and sweet spice, the New World Cameroon Selection by AJ Fernandez is a wonderful addition to AJ’s original New World line. A genuine Cameroon wrapper adds lush nuances of nuts and a toasty tobacco sweetness to this rich and rewarding flavor profile that is filled with choice Nicaraguan tobaccos grown on AJ’s famous farm in Estelí.

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