4.454545454545454 11
Mini Cigarillos These cigars do not burn evenly. The wrapping is poor. The taste is so-so. Definitely don’t taste good enough to have one side burn your finger or mouth because the light creeps up one side, or to deal with tobacco flakes in your mouth because of the shoddy wrapping. I would not purchase this brand again. 2 5 1
Mini Cigarillos Lets face it, most minis are garbage. This one, however, has a good flavor profile and aroma. I do smoke a lot of minis sometimes, and these are my only purchases now. No cognac, no wild berry or french vanilla, just tobacco and good tobacco. Three minutes or so, not much longer unless you really draw it out. 4 5 1
Mini Cigarillos I just smoked one a while ago. It was late and I didn't have time to enjoy a larger cigar. It has a good flavor and burned evenly. It is one of the best cigarillos I have in my cooler humidor. It is good to have on hand when you don't have a lot of time for whatever reason.. 5 5 1
Mini Cigarillos Great and full flavor and convenient when traveling and you only have a few minutes for a break. 4 5 1
Mini Cigarillos I've smoked through several tins of these minis, and they are very pleasant and consistent, and just the right medium strength. Perfect for a quick smoke when you drive. 5 5 1
Mini Cigarillos Monticristo 5 5 1
Mini Cigarillos Has the Flavor and body of a full sized Monti that works beautifully for a limited time frame. Short breaks, between jobs, it is quick, handy and delicious. 5 5 1
Mini Cigarillos The classic minis a tasty quick smoke that taste full and spicy. Worth every penny. 5 5 1
Mini Cigarillos Purchased these as a means of kicking the habit of smoking cigarettes. Placed my order and received very quickly (2 days). These tiny cigars are mild, smooth, yet flavorful. I do feel the construction was in need of some improvement. As someone who occasionally smokes cigars, I was still very pleased with these and will be ordering again. Side note, since starting these, I have not had a cigarette in over 2 weeks. 5 5 1
Mini Cigarillos Really like these montecristo mini's. Good flavor and burns in about ten minutes. 5 5 1

Montecristo Classic

Mini Cigarillos 2.88 × 20 MXCMI

Montecristo is one of the most famous and trusted brands in the cigar world today, and among the most popular is the Montecristo Classic cigars. First manufactured in 1935 Cuba by Alonzo Menendez and Pepe Garcia, this brand is currently manufactured in the Dominican Republic and is now in the skilled hands of Altadis U.S.A., who controls its distribution and marketing in the United States.

This brand was inspired by the adventure novel The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas. Back in the day, cigar rollers working in the factory would have literature read to them by lectors to pass the time, and The Count of Monte Cristo was a long-time favorite.

The Montecristo Classic Series is made with the highest-grade Connecticut shade wrappers and the finest blend of Dominican filler and binder tobaccos, these classic mellow-tasting masterpieces have the perfect blend, solid construction, and well-balanced flavors of cedar, nuts, coffee, spice, earth, and subtle sweetness to create an unforgettable smoking experience anyone can enjoy.

Not just a fine cigar, but perhaps the finest Montecristo, these gems are worthy of a spot in any aficionado’s humidor. Offered in many sizes and packaging quantities, get your hands on a classic by ordering Montecristo Classic cigars online from JR Cigar! If you are still not convinced, check out our review of Montecristo Classic at the JR Blending Room.

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Dominican Republic

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