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Tudor Another treat from Macanudo. This toro sized cigar smokes cool and while it is mild the flavors are delightful and mouth watering. A great morning cigar or a treat to get you through an out door chore. 3 5 1
Tudor This is a glorified 4 dollar dog rocket and they burn so bad and that's when u get past the taste and just waste 3 5 1
Tudor First time customer. Box arrived as promised in 3 business days. These are a very smooth and mild smoke that draw great and burn very evenly. My favorite ring size and length for a cigar (not too big and not too small) 5 5 1
Tudor The Tudor will feel like a million bucks worth of gold in your hands the wrapper was golden and flawlessly smooth superb draw and earthy 4 5 1
Tudor My box was poorly constructed. Burned unevenly down one side and seemed to have a hard stem or tobacco leaf down one side. 1 5 1
Tudor Excellent cigar!! 5 5 1
Tudor My usual smoke is Upmann Legacy but these Macs are pretty special. A bit more flavor than the Upmanns very even burn and guess what- they cost about $1.70 more - debating the choice only due to the price difference. Mac is my favorite if cost is not considered 5 5 1
Tudor Flawless draw and burn line even at 6x60 u guys having problems need to rest your cigars not smoke em the day jrs delivers them. Taste is what u expect very mild not complex (a morning smoke) if u judge it off what it is- it's a solid breakfast smoke 4 5 1
Tudor This beautiful smoke is very good the construction and everything is good And flawless No questions 4 5 1
Tudor The Macanudo Gold Label Tudor is the magical fruit of the cigar world! The more guy smoke the more you..... 1 5 1
Tudor My go to cigar !!! You know it’s going to be good every time, smooth mellow great draw great flavor great burn 👍 5 5 1
Tudor Love the Macunado great draw smooth flavor and burns perfect !!! Can’t go wrong 4 5 1
Tudor mild, draw very good 5 5 1
Tudor What happened to Gold Label Gold Brick? 4 5 1

Macanudo Gold Label

Tudor 6 × 52 MAGT

Featured only once a year, this popular Toro is laden with silky smooth flavors and a magnificent aroma. Be sure to take home the “Gold” today! It is available in boxes of 25.
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Connecticut Shade


Dominican Republic / Mexico

Dominican Republic



Box of 25

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