4.008771929824562 114
Wavell Great cigar. Medium full bodied. Spicy and very flavorful. Great burn and draw. You won't be disappointed 4 5 1
Wavell To me La Gloria Cubana captures that fresh rolled feel and flavor in every cigar. I can well see why these took off like they did in little Havana so many years ago. Mr. Carillo is a genius. Earthy and creamy with that new leather aroma you'll fall head over heels for these fine cigars! 5 5 1
Wavell Looking for outstanding short smoke don't have time this one is the one. 5 5 1
Wavell Nice smoke but I thin rocky Patel takes the cake. Nice blend nice flavor nice consistency. Nice construction. 3 5 1
Wavell The long and short of this cigar is that it does not burn well. I've had several hoping they would prove me wrong but was always the same! I just don't like it period 4 5 1
Wavell Still not a good lgc don't feel like I'm going to be able to find the right lgc for me ever 2 5 1
Wavell I've loved these cigars for years. They were my go to cigars for the perfect smoke. Something has changed. The last box I ordered were all rolled so tight you could barely smoke them and then they were harsh and burned unevenly. Maybe I was just unlucky and got the one bad box in the lot. Never the less - time to find something new. 1 5 1
Wavell I thought it was pretty good consistent . Not a super smoke but pretty good 3 5 1
Wavell La Gloria Cubano Wavell is a wonderful smoke packed with flavor. The draw is smooth and the ash is long and gray. I highly recommend this for your humidor. 4 5 1
Wavell Always an even burn. I actually prefer the maduro. For the price you just can't beat these cigars. Only other smoke in the size I go to is the upman 4 5 1
Wavell The thing that stood out about the cigar the most is it's light color rapper tight seems in almost minimal to no veins and all the draw is good the flavor is even better definitely has a lot of nice smoke output 4 5 1
Wavell A throw back of a classic. A well constructed gem. Great flavor and taste you would expect from La Gloria Cubana. 4 5 1
Wavell Solid cigar. While this isn't a blow you away special cigar it is very solid. Good flavors draw and construction. 4 5 1
Wavell This stick didn't impress me at all. It was a light flavor and smoke consistency. It burned uneven and I didn't like it. 3 5 1
Wavell This is a very good cigar and I enjoy the taste of it a lot especially when I am out on the course 3 5 1
Wavell This was a pleasant surprise. Smoked one right away when I received them and was pleased with the flavor and aroma. 4 5 1
Wavell Draw was a little tight but construction was amazing. Pair this with good flavors and solid price and it makes for a really good smoke. 4 5 1
Wavell The Wavell from LaGloria Cubana is a cigar that forms the tradition of these good cigars creamy coffee and earth tone spices come thru a good draw on this cigar with larger ring more draw more flavor of a medium strength cigar 4 5 1
Wavell The wavell hits it out of the park with nutty roasted coffee and sweet creamy mouth feel great for breakfast or dessert 4 5 1
Wavell Very good cigar. Love the Wavell size. Very consistent. Great draw. Doesn't dissapoint. 5 5 1
Wavell This is one of my favorites with the maduro wrapper citrus and spice to the pallet a short finish great before a good dinner or after. 4 5 1
Wavell Excellent Flavor. Great draw burns slowly which indicated good construction and very nice looking in general. 4 5 1
Wavell Lovely construction and a truly delightful cigar for a smoker of any type of cigar 4 5 1
Wavell Winner winner chicken dinner is all I could say upon comp!eting this stoagies wow is the only way to sum it up 4 5 1
Wavell LGC is one of my go to brands. Decent price excellent flavor. The wavell is great for a 45min. to one hour smoke. Really no construction problems with good draw and plenty smoke. 3 5 1
Wavell My lazy day cigar. Sit back and enjoy one waiting for the days of summer. This cigar has a excellent drawburnash and flavor. You need to alway have the in your humidor. 5 5 1
Wavell This one wasn't up to par for me. Started falling apart at the end and it wasn't very flavorful. Hard draw. 3 5 1
Wavell This has been an excellent cigar that I continue to gravitate towards whenever I want a cigar. Awesome flavor and construction that never seems to be a problem. 5 5 1
Wavell These little beauties are the best ! I buy these sticks by the box! Many boxes!! Great flavor and good in size ! 5 5 1
Wavell Not a fan of this one a little light for me. Was told it was flavorful but it was bland for me. I didn't enjoy it 2 5 1
Wavell Decent budget cigar. Will definitely satisfy a cigar fix. Recommend this one for a novice or social cigar smoker. 3 5 1
Wavell I I could save time in a bottle I would when it comes to this stick! What a wounderful smoke full of style and magic! 5 5 1
Wavell Great all time smoke longer smoke than the cheep one tight roll 5 5 1
Wavell Not quite the powerhouse the bigger cigars on this brand are the wavel still packs a punch. Maybe the best of the LA Glorias. 4 5 1
Wavell La Gloria cubana Havel is a decent cigar with smooth creamy smoke and decent cigar overal 5 5 1
Wavell Bitter cigar. 15 years ago they were a quality great smoke. I have tried them every few months to see if they have improved. I believe Mr. Carillo has let these cigars fall by the wayside as he has pursued his other cigar creations. Very disappointed. Won't be trying this brand again. 2 5 1
Wavell For being a medium body cigar there's a lot of flavor. Really good smoke. 4 5 1
Wavell What can I say? This cigar is a great everyday smoke with that favorite drink. I like to have coffee with mine. A few friends I gave one too enjoyed it as well. I would recommend this to anyone. 4 5 1
Wavell Mild smoke. Well constructed. Enjoy with a good rye whiskey. La Glorias never disappoint. 3 5 1
Wavell This is one it's easy to grab. I don't have a cigar every day but if I did this one would work just fine. It's consistent I enjoy the taste and it's under $5. I like them a lot. 4 5 1
Wavell This has been my favorite go to smoke since the first bundle I bought at the factory on Calle Ocho back in the early 90s. Never had a bad one in all those years. 5 5 1
Wavell Inconsistent draw 3 5 1
Wavell Looking for Maria Guerrero 56x6 Toro u used to sell them what happened please reply,? 5 5 1
Wavell It's a damn good cigar 4 5 1
Wavell Great tasting cigar, smooth all the way through. EMS wrapper gives it a great sweet taste. Draw is tight but good. Enjoying them. 5 5 1
Wavell Okay smoke was a a little tight. Decent flavor profile. Burned okay nothing great but nothing bad either 3 5 1
Wavell One of my Go to cigars when I'm looking for a solid dependable flavorful and low maintenance smokes. I have never had a bad Wavell as they are beautifully made cigars. Nice creamy smooth flavors. 5 5 1
Wavell This is an above average habano like cigar. Your usual medium bodied med full strength with predominant leather and cedar. With that come a hint of creaminess and vanilla. Not bad for the price. 3 5 1
Wavell I encountered 4 or 5 cigars that were hard to drantaw as well as hard to keep lit 2 5 1
Wavell Not very consistent. One in four was a good smoke. Lack of quality control. 3 5 1
Wavell Outstanding smoke consistent draw and great flavor well worth the money I will definitely buy more 5 5 1
Wavell This is a classic! Incredible flavors and everything is perfect. You cabby go wrong with this 5 5 1
Wavell Wish I had a hundred of these. One of the smoothest smokes I've ever had. Full of flavors and so hearty on the palatte. Won't leave you disappointed. 5 5 1
Wavell I have smoked this cigar for a while now and there seems to be batches that are not as good as others. This time almost half were rolled very loose burnt uneven and hard to keep going. 3 5 1
Wavell The La Gloria Cubana Wavell is not my favorite La Gloria Cubana but it is a decent smoke. Better than anything Gurkha makes. 4 5 1
Wavell Okay last one for today it is an awesome flavor and an awesome consistency I would amoke it all day long if I ciuld 5 5 1
Wavell Good construction but overall just a boring smoke. Very little flavor. Just a plain tobacco flavor with no changes. Mild body. Typical cheap smoke 3 5 1
Wavell This is alright. Prob my top 5 from the brand. They roll these right nothing bad about it 3 5 1
Wavell Draw was a little tight but construction was amazing. Pair this with good flavors and solid price and it makes for a really good smoke. 4 5 1
Wavell My go to cigar. When I go to anycigar shop I look for these first. 5 5 1
Wavell A well-made medium/full smoke. They've always been consistent in quality for me with great construction and burn. It's a smooth roasted coffee smoke with a hint of spice and a wonderful aroma. I've never been disappointed in the Wavell. 4 5 1
Wavell This is a medium-full bodied cigar. Flavor notes: creamy cedar. Draw was exceptional. This stick is very smooth. Pairs great with dark roast Colombian coffee or Crown Royal. If you are patient enough to ago for 5/6 months flavors marinates wonderful. 3 5 1
Wavell La gloria wavell was just perfect. The consistency couldnt have been better and the flavor was mild but sweet at the same time 3 5 1
Wavell This is a great smoke for an after-dinner party a hint of coffee very mild cream and lots of nice great tobacco flavor good 2-hour smoke 5 5 1
Wavell La Gloriana cigars are a big deal and always worth the money I love all of them Great flavor burn finish and wrapper 5 5 1
Wavell Short smoke. Rich and full with touch of fig and fresh straw notes. Perfect for afternoon and whiskey. 4 5 1
Wavell This is another top of the line cigar. Excellent in; taste burn construction draw and looks. At this level there is not much else to say. 4 5 1
Wavell If you're a fan of La Gloria Cubana you will love this cigar. Classic flavor profile construction and burn make for a nice tasty cigar. 4 5 1
Wavell This was a great smoke with notes of pepper and vanilla. It paired well with a cognac. 5 5 1
Wavell This is just an okay cigar in my book not one of my favorites draw no good taste was kind of harse and did not burn evenly. 3 5 1
Wavell I really like this smoke very nice construction with complex flavors and awsome draw That anyone can appreciate 4 5 1
Wavell These a perfect by the box. Excellent hour and some change smoke. Great flavor packed into a Rothschild size. I highly recommend this to any LGC smoker who loves the original blend. 5 5 1
Wavell Heard do many good things I bought s box before I ever even tried one. I did not make a mistake. 5 5 1
Wavell This lgc is one fine cigar packed solid with rich tasting tobacco and hints of earth and goodness nice burn 4 5 1
Wavell La Gloria never a disappointment. Their cigars are medium bodied and full of flavor for a cigar if you prefer a little bite 5 5 1
Wavell Found this cigar in Florida and was looking for a different smoke to try! Really enjoyed this during vacation and it was the perfect cigar at the perfect time 5 5 1
Wavell Love la gloria Cubana. Great smokes. Flavor is amazing and they are well made for sure. Great taste and draw too. 5 5 1
Wavell The wavel likes to say hello right right from the get go with a blast of flavorful smoke that never bitters as the burn remains even and smooth a never got hot lovely time with this lady 4 5 1
Wavell Been buying these for years and they are always perfect. Goto cigar for medium to light flavor and burn. 4 5 1
Wavell Really, nice creamy earthy thick smoke I wouldn’t call it full body but I did enjoy it. Very consistent well built cigar 4 5 1
Wavell Most recent two boxes were packed a bit loose, burning pretty hot. Otherwise, great flavor and consistent. Love the size. 4 5 1
Wavell Strange cigar. If the humidity is kept at around 73% this is a great cigar. Very flavorful and mild. If kept at 70 - 66% it's harsh and dry. Go figure. 5 5 1
Wavell Not bad for the price. Draw left something to be desired. 4 5 1
Wavell Reasonably priced cigar that is very smooth. 5 5 1
Wavell I'm being picky but ...... this has been my go-to cigar for quite a while. It checks all my boxes. Flavor, draw, size, price point. But my last order the wrapper changed. Not the tobacco wrapper, the paper wrapper label on each cigar. I always take them off and I've noticed at least half the time the wrapper pulls some of the tobacco wrapper lose when I remove it. No matter how careful I try to be, there must be a tiny amount of glue bleeding off the label. I haven't ruined a cigar (yet) but I expect I will, I can imagine the tobacco wrapper unwinding if I'm not really careful. But the bigger issue to me is that glue must be getting on the cigar. Even if it's a small amount I don't like that idea. I wish they would go back to the old way. 4 5 1
Wavell I have been smoking this cigar for over 2 decades, with great joy. With the new label came a new wrapper and a VERY sweet taste. Disappointing 2 5 1
Wavell With that said, the Wavells sold as “Classic” (taller wooden box with sliding lid) have a very distinctive flavor that those in the normal size boxes do not. 5 5 1
Wavell This was a telephone order and the lady entered The wrong type of cigar. When I saw the confirmation I immediately called back and canceled and she told me she would cancel it. It was never canceled and was shipped and I had to pay for it. 1 5 1
Wavell The order of Wavelles is in two parts. the regular cigars came in the new box and are fine. the "free" bonus cigars were the older ones, which are also fine, but different from the new ones. Why is this? 4 5 1
Wavell I have been smoking these cigars for over 20 years as my daily cigar. I thought they just changed the bands and the box but it turns out they changed the wrapper on these and now they have a sweet taste. Too sweet for me. It came with a freebie 10 pack of the old style Wavells and those are just as I expected. Wish I could return the new style and get a box of the originals. 3 5 1
Wavell This is a consistently good every day smoke. Pairs well with my favorite bourbon, rum or coffee 4 5 1
Wavell I am not a cigar expert, but I know a good cigar when I smoke one. Never had this cigar before, but saw a favorable review of this cigar on you tube so I bought on at my local brick, and mortar store. Cut a V notch from the cap smoked it, a day I really enjoyed it. I only gave it 4 stars because I am not a really eexperienced cigar smoker. I usually smoke a pipe. I have had lousy cigars before. Bad draw, cigar burnes uneven. I can't afford expensive sticks, but this was well within my price rangemail like just placed an order for a 5 pack. As far as taist I can really described leather, chocolate etc because my pallet is not that soficated yet, but I know what I like, and I like this cigar. Will ot have any problem recommending this cigar to anyone on a udget 4 5 1
Wavell Good deal when on sale. Sweetened wrapper is strange. A little stronger than what I prefer, bu not too strong to enjoy. Good draw, construction and smoke. Sometimes a relight is necessary. 3 5 1
Wavell Very good every day cigar. 4 5 1
Wavell Last five pack, 3 down and 2 to go, draw very inconsistent. 2 of 3 draw like they are not packed enough. 3 5 1
Wavell Great everyday affordable favorable that maintenance consistency smoke and aroma. I had to get more !!!. 5 5 1
Wavell Was very disappointed in my Gloria Cubana Wavell selection. I have had LaGloria Cubana in the past but must have been a different cigar. This one’s roll is very loose and the flavor is very sweet not to my liking. 2 5 1
Wavell A long time fav. Consistent cigars that sadly have gotten rather pricey for some of us 🤷‍♂️ 3 5 1
Wavell An ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE smoke.I will be ordering more. 5 5 1
Wavell A good everyday smoke. 4 5 1
Wavell I enjoy these every time. Solid smoke. 5 5 1
Wavell Bought a fiver when on sale. The flavors, construction and draw on all 5 have been outstanding. 5 5 1
Wavell I hadn't tried one of these for many years, but got a good deal on a box and gave them another try. They are well-rolled, burn well, and are not too bad, but they are not the same as they were back in the day when Ernesto Perez-Carillo was making them in Miami. The bouquet is decidedly barnyard, as is the taste, due to the addition of Nicaraguan tobacco to the original all-Dominican blend. If you like the strong earthy Central American style of flavors, you may very well like these, but if you hanker for the strong but floral and fragrant Dominican taste of twenty years ago you will be disappointed. I don't know what happened to that style of cigar, but no one seems to make them any more. 4 5 1
Wavell About 20% of each box has a very ooor draw- I waste all of them 5 5 1
Wavell Good smoke at an affordable price! 4 5 1
Wavell A very good smoke, with excellent flavor. 5 5 1
Wavell My favorite cigar. No change in this opinion. 5 5 1
Wavell Nice smoke, very mild 5 5 1
Wavell Aroma out the box is extremely pleasant. I would be totally fine smelling the cigar without ever lighting it. The sweet tip was a nice touch. Was not expecting it and is one of my favorite elements of this cigar. Draw is perfect definitely medium to full strength. I am a new fan! My biggest regret is I did not try this brand sooner. Enjoy!!! 5 5 1
Wavell Really good for a quick smoke and I treat it as a snack! 5 5 1
Wavell I was working in a cigar store when Gloria hit the US market, and they were hot. In fact, they were so hot that the store owner wouldn’t let us purchase them with the employee discount. The ones that sold the fastest were this particular Cigar. Flash forward to a recent purchase, and I finally got my hands on these. I can kind of see what all the excitement was about. Immaculate construction, easy draw, consistent Vernon qualities. At a very minimum at least try a five pack and see what you think 4 5 1
Wavell An excellent choice for any time of any day! Always in my humidor! 5 5 1
Wavell Good smoke with easy draw and flavor 4 5 1
Wavell The la gloria cubana wavel is the original miami boutique cigar. this amazing flavorfull cigar was the creation by cigar impressario Ernest Carrillo. bursting with flavor, med-strong, and a great draw typify this great smoke. 5 5 1

La Gloria Cubana

Wavell 5 × 50 LGW10

The classic 5 x 50 La Gloria Cubana Wavell is one of the sizes that made master blender Ernesto Perez Carrillo famous throughout the premium cigar world. Since its inception in 1993, cigar connoisseurs have been savoring Wavell’s rich medium to full bodied flavors of earth, white pepper, wood, coffee, and cream. Order a 10-pack the next time you buy cigars online and join the millions of satisfied smokers that love this legendary Cuban-style cigar.
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Dominican Republic / Nicaragua

Dominican Republic

Medium - Full


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