4.181818181818182 44
Soberano This long dong is great for long nights with the boys. They cigars are so smooth and tasty 5 5 1
Soberano Very solid construction anything La Gloria is quality and this one is no different! Easily in my top 10 and smooth draw with clean mellow notes 4 5 1
Soberano Always a fan of La Gloria Cubana these cigars did not disappoint me in any way. Absolutely fantastic. I'll definately be keeping a few if these in the humidor!! 5 5 1
Soberano You know that great feeling you get after you've had a delicious steak? Yeah you'll have that same feeling after you smoke this. 5 5 1
Soberano I am a pretty big LGC fan and this one here is no different. Great flavors that work well and great burn an construction. 3 5 1
Soberano I like this medium bodied cigar the really long construction of the cigar makes for excellent smoke output and really good flavor I would definitely recommend this product to someone else 3 5 1
Soberano Mild to medium bodied cigar. Fair on price for what you get out of this cigar 4 5 1
Soberano Really enjoyed this smoke. It left a great after taste that was very distinct. It had that sweet and earthy taste and the smoke filled the room on it. The construction was very nice and it smoked amazingly. Never burned uneven for me. 4 5 1
Soberano This is a after dinner cigar for a cold long night. You'll need at least 40 minutes to smoke. Rich chocolate latte flavor. The classic cigar for a fat banker. 4 5 1
Soberano This is one big cigar. The taste was a little bland for me. A nice even draw and well made. 3 5 1
Soberano If you're into the flavor of espresso this is a must for your humidor. Smooth and crisp. 5 5 1
Soberano Did not have a good experience with this cigar. The flavor was lacking and overall quality was down 2 5 1
Soberano La Gloria Cubana is a Cigar with deep Cuban roots. These aren't as good as the Cubans but they are a good example of a solid cigar. It's in my rotation. Tasty flavor pours from this cigar. 4 5 1
Soberano Always a go to cigar in my honest opinion. It has a deep earth and cocoa flavor tjat never fails to satisfy. 4 5 1
Soberano I always have the Soberano in my humidor! This is a very creamy delightful smoke. I have never had a bad one. Every now and then a bit of draw issues. This cigar starts out very nice. I really like the size of this cigar. It smokes cool and smooth. These smoke nice all the way and the flavor stays smooth and creamy. I like these with a punch cutter. The cigar holds up well and does not collapse with my wet bite. 4 5 1
Soberano La Gloria Sober another is a long lasting good burn medium flavor cigar. They are a good draw that is always important. 4 5 1
Soberano Nice even burn a really good cigar. I will most definitely be ordered more of these beautys. 4 5 1
Soberano Had one the other day. Good draw and construction with good flavor would recommend it 5 5 1
Soberano I was first introduced to this cigar by a friend of mine while traveling up to the wine country of Northern California. Our wives stayed in the hotel while we went out into the warm summer night beneath a tree. We lit our huge cigars and from the first puff I was hooked. So tasty and good! This delicious smoke lasted for more than two hours and I became a huge La Gloria Cubana fan. I purchased a box of smoked with my nephew and other friends. It a massive hit and goes great with scotch or bourbon. Try one! 4 5 1
Soberano Not sure if it's as good as a real Cuban but a great cigar none the less it's become a regular in my humidor 5 5 1
Soberano I can get the latest in my head and I am happy that the perfection and the other side effects of a 4 5 1
Soberano Not bad of a smoke. Worth the investment. Nice blend nice flavor nice construction. It has a nice finish. 2 5 1
Soberano I had a knot or something in this size a couple times and it adds a bunch of bitterness 3 5 1
Soberano LGC is one of the best smoke out there. Lots of flavors. Great construction with decent ash. Would recommend to anyone. 5 5 1
Soberano Wonderful full body cigar this is a nice long smoke with awesome flavors solid construction and long ash. 5 5 1
Soberano LGC are an ok cigar. I'm very impartial to them because of bad experiences. But you should at least try them 3 5 1
Soberano This is a very good smoke. I enjoy it often when I am on the golf course. Good buy 4 5 1
Soberano Decent cigar but nothing great. It's a nice long smoke so you need a lot of time. Construction was okay but flavor disappointed. 3 5 1
Soberano Very inconsistent and acidic harsh flavors. Didn't love it but would smoke it again.... Maybe 4 5 1
Soberano Can't beat the Gloria Cubana this is one to keep in your humidor at all times share with your friends and family give away at parties 5 5 1
Soberano La Gloriana cigars are the top of the list and wrapper quality is a great reason Love this but don't know what sobrano means 5 5 1
Soberano La Gloria cubanas are some of my favorite cigars the soberano is a absolutely perfect smoke 5 5 1
Soberano This is a great smoke I enjoyed the smooth flavor the burn was a but rough at first then it burned evenly other then that great smoke 4 5 1
Soberano I originally got 5 of these for free from the JR App. I thought they were very flavourful and smooth. I'd recommend them to a friend 4 5 1
Soberano Pretty decent cigar that is well priced for what it is and smokes very well most of the time 4 5 1
Soberano Peppery yet creamy. Very very smooth. Can't go wrong with any vitolas of this line. 5 5 1
Soberano Good tasting stick. Would buy it again. This is a good construction and sharp burn. Nice flavors all the way to the end. Good one 4 5 1
Soberano The company name says it all great smoke wonderful smoking experience. Get you some goodies 5 5 1
Soberano Wish I could've eaten this cigar!! Flavor was off the charts. Smooth draw and well made. 5 5 1
Soberano These are some bangin smokes. Full of flavor and a nice draw. Check them out here on jr you'll get a deal. They are well made and very earthy. 5 5 1
Soberano Soberano by la Gloria cubana is a pretty good one. Good draw and construction highly recommend 5 5 1
Soberano The Gloria cubana soberano was good but so similar to the Churchill. Still was very relaxing and enjoyable 4 5 1
Soberano Good smoke love it 5 5 1
Soberano Love La Gloria cigars, and this is the perfect size for a long, leisurely smoke. Great draw throughout, medium bodied, aromatic. Love it! 5 5 1

La Gloria Cubana

Soberano 8 × 52 LGS5

The King of all La Gloria Cubana Cigars is in the house! A delicious balance of aged Dominican and Nicaraguan filler leaves are nestled within a dark, earth colored Ecuadorian wrapper. This full, rich, creamy, and stout Presidente will demand all of your attention, so be sure to clear your calendar before attempting to smoke a Soberano. Packaged in a pack of 5.
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Ecuador Sumatra


Dominican Republic / Nicaragua

Dominican Republic

Medium - Full


Pack of 5

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