4.461538461538462 13
6.25X64 Very enjoyable with a coffee or a scotch , bourbon or sweet black tea . The esteli has just the right amount of coffee , chocolate , earthy tabacco and spice to get you where you want to be . Remember to keep it cool and smoke slow. 4 5 1
6.25X64 I like big ring, strong flavored cigars. This, as are most of the La Glorias I've tried, fits the bill. 5 5 1
6.25X64 I have enjoyed La Gloria Cubana cigars since I used to visit their rollers/store in Miami in the 80’s. These large ring full bodied sticks are my favorites. Truly a great cigar! 5 5 1
6.25X64 Good big smokes 5 5 1
6.25X64 Had better from this plan but great smoke nonetheless. Will buy again. 4 5 1
6.25X64 Favorite cigar. Prefer large ring gauge, strong flavor. 5 5 1
6.25X64 Decent smoke, body solid, cigar is easy Maintence (stayed lite unlike other I’ve smoke that would go out quite often). As far as taste a slight peppery. I paired it with an old fashion. 4 5 1
6.25X64 The first half of the cigar is good. The second half of the cigar has less tobacco and more air. I have to squeeze the cigar during the 2nd half to keep it lit and it becomes a harsh smoke. 4 5 1
6.25X64 Nice Cigar! 5 5 1
6.25X64 A nice big ring tasty stick. 5 5 1
6.25X64 I have found LGC to be a tasty brand and this 64-ring Esteli is not disappointing. This is my favorite cigar when playing golf as it will easily last 9 holes. I have converted a couple of my golf buddies to this stick. 5 5 1
6.25X64 I hate to tell you how good the cigar is because JR may run out or buy them out. 5 5 1

La Gloria Cubana Serie R Esteli

6.25X64 6.25 × 64 LGSRE64

La Gloria Cubana Serie R Esteli cigars are a highly acclaimed line extension to the original Serie R that started the big ring cigar craze in America after they were introduced in 1999. To create a distinct flavor profile, Serie R Esteli replaces the Ecuador Sumatra wrapper along with Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers, with a blend of 100% Nicaraguan tobaccos. Much to the delight of Serie R fans, this three vitola line also boasts popular big-ring sizes. The cigars are expertly handcrafted at the prestigious General Cigar factory in Esteli Nicaragua, by only the most talented rollers. Therefore, you can expect a flawlessly crafted full bodied smoke with rich flavors of leather, coffee, and nuts, accented by some floral notes on the finish. Order a box of 20 today, and get ready to savor one of the best La Gloria Cubana cigars in years!
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