3.739130434782609 23
Rocky Patel '90 Toro This is my go to for working in the yard or in the garage. It is nice enough to enjoy but not the one that I pick up when I am relaxing with a lot of time to truly enjoy a good smoke. One to give to friends who want to look cool but have no idea what a cigar is. 3 5 1
Rocky Patel '90 Toro Great draw good taste medium-bold great consistency. Gets a little hot near the end. 3 5 1
Rocky Patel '90 Toro Same problem won't stay lit and kind of an uneven burn. Still for $2 a stick not bad. 3 5 1
Rocky Patel '90 Toro I found these to be a pleasant everyday smoke. They won't be confused with the original Patel '90 but not bad. The draw was a bit bit tough on several but overall not bad. For the price, these are an excellent choice. 4 5 1
Rocky Patel '90 Toro Great cigar for the money! 4 5 1
Rocky Patel '90 Toro Good cigar for the money. 4 5 1
Rocky Patel '90 Toro Your cigars were fresh this time . Well done 5 5 1
Rocky Patel '90 Toro Best medium flavor Maduro wrap JR I've found. Tastes like a cigar should. consistency is what you'd expect. Great value. 5 5 1
Rocky Patel '90 Toro Real good cigar can be a daily great draw smooth taste. Been buying them for a year and I keep buying them. 4 5 1
Rocky Patel '90 Toro This is a great stick at this price point. I try to make sure to keep these stocked in my humidor. Out of the two bundles I have bought I only had an issue with one cigar. 4 5 1
Rocky Patel '90 Toro This is a great tasting full bodied stick that is well constructed. Unfortunately it would not keep a burn. I would have to constantly draw on it or relight it 4-6 times in a setting. 4 5 1
Rocky Patel '90 Toro Like the length and ring size but did not care for the way this cigar smoked! Of the few I smoked from the bundle most would not stay lit and they either a hard draw or no draw! A little harsh of a taste when they did produce a draw! 2 5 1
Rocky Patel '90 Toro Great flavor and draw 4 5 1
Rocky Patel '90 Toro These JR Alternative RP90 maduro toros are pretty darned good. They taste really good, and have good draw and burn. They are well worth the price. 4 5 1
Rocky Patel '90 Toro Very dry to taste not at all like any rocky Patel I had . But I do know it’s a knockoff Good value. 4 5 1
Rocky Patel '90 Toro Great smoke for the money. My favorite JR Brand. Always a good smoke with no draw or construction issues. I have been buying cigars from JR for over 40 years, They have better cigars, however these are like I said, Great smoke for the money 4 5 1
Rocky Patel '90 Toro Nice low price everyday smoke. 4 5 1
Rocky Patel '90 Toro I usually just buy the JR Altrrnative Rocky Patel The Edge Maduro, it's my go to cigar. But I tried this vintage 90 because I like the RP vintage 90. This may be one I keep all the time. Top notch construction as always, perfect Draw and the beautiful dark maduro wrapper, looks to me like maybe a Habana or even maybe a sumatra wrapper. Really like the complexity. For the money I don't think there's a better value than JR Alternatives. This one's at the top of the menu. Great job 5 5 1
Rocky Patel '90 Toro Good smoke, burns a lot longer than expected. May want to buy again. 4 5 1
Rocky Patel '90 Toro very good 5 5 1
Rocky Patel '90 Toro I have smoked six of the twenty so far, and all have been completely devoid of taste. These do not taste good, nor bad, but taste of nothing but warm air. I am very disappointed. 1 5 1
Rocky Patel '90 Toro PJP review said it best. These are like puffing on air. They have no taste whatsoever. Sadly, I ordered them thinking they were a budget replica of a solid Rocky Patel smoke. False advertising. Makes me leery of JR hype. 1 5 1

JR Honduran Alternative

Rocky Patel '90 Toro 6.25 × 52 JR90T

The JR Alternative to the Rocky Patel ’90 Toro cigar is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a really great top-quality premium cigar for much less. Handmade with the long-filler tobaccos from some of the best smokes in the world such as Macanudo, Montecristo, and Excalibur, these cigars are close in size, flavor, and strength to those big-name brands. Buy a bundle of 20 at JR Cigar and see whyJR Alternative cigars have been our best-selling brand for decades.
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