2.8 10
JR Ultimate Toro A far cry from the a JR Ult Toro. Will not do again. 2 5 1
JR Ultimate Toro I really enjoy the JR Ultimate and so I figured I'd try the Alternative version of them and was pleasantly surprised. Although it's definitely Not the same cigar it still has some of the same attributes as the original and for the price it can't be beat. I love all the Alternatives I've tried except one or two and that's usually not due to taste be it's due to the construction and or the draw. But I figure for an everyday stick and I smoke a lot of everyday sticks I need the cost to be within reason so when I am ready to enjoy one of my favorites I'll still be able to afford them. I say Go for it! Alternatives are great Alternatives to the more pricy sticks that most of us that smoke 5 - 7 or so cigars a day just couldn't afford to do without having these type of smokes around to fill in as yard gars and fill ins. 3 5 1
JR Ultimate Toro This cigar is the worst constructed cigar I have ever ordered. I have attempted to smoke 6 in a bundle of 20. Every single one has unwrapped and not smokable or cracked badly and I tried to smoke anyway. The minute you cut its over. The Maduro version was very good on the other hand but no longer available. Very disatisfied and out S41 bucks. 1 5 1
JR Ultimate Toro Loooong time JR customer . Usually very satisfied. One bundle on this purchase had several with a 1+/-split in the wrapper. Un-smokeable. Otherwise a reasonable cigar. 3 5 1
JR Ultimate Toro The first gar in bundle I smoked split down the length; only the ring kept from splitting in half ... not pleased! 2 5 1
JR Ultimate Toro I dont get how others can be unhappy with this cigar. I've only smoked 19 of them at this time but everyone of them has lit easily ,burnt perfect without any touch ups rolled perfectly with plenty of delicious flavor.The price was nice. 4 5 1
JR Ultimate Toro The aftertaste was evident after a few draws. Gave the rest to someone else. 1 5 1
JR Ultimate Toro I feel they are quite mild and have very little after taste, they draw very well and I would highly recommend them. 4 5 1
JR Ultimate Toro Not as firm a wrap as in the past nor quite the quality of filler 3 5 1
JR Ultimate Toro Excellent cigar 5 5 1

JR Nicaraguan Alternative

JR Ultimate Toro 6.12 × 49 JRULT

JR Alternative JR Ultimate Toro Cigars are by no means overruns or factory seconds, but rather they are first rate premium cigars made to mimic the character and taste of their original counterparts. These top-notch cigars are meticulously handcrafted using the same or similar premium tobacco as the original blends, and many times they are made in the same factory. The difference being, is that we pay for the packaging, marketing, and advertising, thus cutting out the middleman, and passing the savings onto you. They've been our bestselling cigars by far, for over 50- years, and standout as a first in the industry that has never been copied. Order a bundle of 20 today, and enjoy those same delicious award-winning JR Ultimate flavors for a very affordable JR Cigar price.

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