4.172413793103448 29
Hoyo Rothschild This is my favorite short smoke 5 5 1
Hoyo Rothschild Tight ashvery good cigargreat flavor. 5 5 1
Hoyo Rothschild Smooth and consistent draw. Was skeptical at first but glad I went with this one. Not exactly a Hoyo but at this price point it is totally worth it. Definitely would buy again. 4 5 1
Hoyo Rothschild Nice smoke for the price. Good draw construction and taste. This was my first order but I'll be back! 4 5 1
Hoyo Rothschild Top quality! I keep coming back to these Hoya Rothschild Alternatives. Draw aromas consistent affordable (of course!) 4 5 1
Hoyo Rothschild The burn and construction were great. They were just tasteless. I would expect a maduro to have a sweet taste but these nothing. 4 5 1
Hoyo Rothschild Let’s face it Hoyo makes some of the finest sticks you’ll ever smoke and the are expensive. I was leery about an JR Alternative because like you I’ve had my share of no name duds. I rolled the dice and ordered the Hoyo Rothschild Alternative and was not disappointed. The flavor was good draw was right and the quality was outstanding. I would not hesitate to buy another alternative for my everyday smoke. 4 5 1
Hoyo Rothschild These are tasty small sticks that take surprisingly long to smoke about 45 minutes to an hour. They go very well with a cup of coffee and work well as the first smoke in the morning. Sometimes the draw is a bit tight which is the only downside to these sticks. 4 5 1
Hoyo Rothschild I bought this as a gift but when they came at first glance they were the right size for me and after I tried one I was hooked so smooth and flavorful 4 5 1
Hoyo Rothschild This is a very good everyday alternative to more expensive cigars. Well made with a lower medium strength. 3 5 1
Hoyo Rothschild Discovered these a few years back shortly after becoming a customer. Still the favorite in my humidor. 4 5 1
Hoyo Rothschild Very good for the price an excellent smoke for every day. I have purchased a couple of boxes will purchase more 4 5 1
Hoyo Rothschild Great little cigar. I think it's my new favorite. Good maduro's flavor and burns well 4 5 1
Hoyo Rothschild Nice draw consistent and well made. Definitely NOT an alternative to the nicer Hoyo though. The flavor is not up to par but here too it is consitently okay. Not bad for the price. 4 5 1
Hoyo Rothschild It's a good smoke for cheap. I'm not always enthusiastic about Jr alternatives but it is going on the to buy again list. 4 5 1
Hoyo Rothschild Good short stick for the price. Nice, tight, and slow burning. Flavor is strong and bold. Occasionally have flaws in the wrapper, but at this price I do recommend. 4 5 1
Hoyo Rothschild Was good as I expected. 4 5 1
Hoyo Rothschild Awesome little cigars The flavors are outstanding !! 5 5 1
Hoyo Rothschild I personally loved them and I will be buying more in the future . They are one of favorites . In my opinion they are the right size The batch I received was just right The smoke was very pleasing and the flavors were outstanding Couldn't Have asked for a better b-day gift to myself . 5 5 1
Hoyo Rothschild Consistently smooth and flavorful at a consistently fair price. 5 5 1
Hoyo Rothschild Good taste. Not overpowering 5 5 1
Hoyo Rothschild It’s a strong cigar well balanced, a 20 minute smoke burns great ! From the first light till the end! 4 5 1
Hoyo Rothschild The order I received was very dry and burned too fast. Flavor and strength were hard to judge due the heat when smoking 3 5 1
Hoyo Rothschild I prefer toro or larger cigars. However, this is great cigar in a small pkg. Excellent construction, good burn, and a slightly tight draw. 4 5 1
Hoyo Rothschild Very inconsistent construction. Draw is too loose. Burn is poor. Flavor is OK. 2 5 1
Hoyo Rothschild Great smoke for the money 5 5 1
Hoyo Rothschild Nice cigar consistent draw 5 5 1
Hoyo Rothschild I got 20 of these on the cyber Monday deal. I was looking for a quick smoke due to the night time temps here in east TN lately. Hard to sit outside and smoke a 6x60 when its 28 degrees. I have smoked 5 so far and I am very surprised at how good these are. Med to Full body and flavor with both closer to full. Burns evenly about 40-45 mins and produces PLENTY of smoke. Draw is damn near perfect. I will with out a doubt be getting more. 5 5 1
Hoyo Rothschild Good Taste, Good Burn, Good Smoke for 45 minutes. 4 5 1

JR Nicaraguan Alternative

Hoyo Rothschild 4.50 × 50 JRHMR3

JR Alternative Hoyo Rothschild Maduro Cigars are not overruns or factory seconds, but rather they are first rate premium cigars made to mimic the character and taste of their original counterparts. These top-notch cigars are meticulously handcrafted using the same or similar premium tobacco as the original blends, and many times they are made in the same factory. The difference being, is that we pay for the packaging, marketing, and advertising, thus cutting out the middleman, and passing the savings onto you. They've been our bestselling cigars by far, for over 50- years, and standout as a first in the industry that has never been copied. Order a bundle of 20 from JR Cigar today, and enjoy those rich, maduro-style Hoyo flavors for a very wallet-friendly price.

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