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Hoyo Governor I've enjoyed the JR Aternatives for some time now and the Hoyo Governor is another great smoke. I'm not a guy that will spend 10 bucks or more on a cigar and while these Alternatives don't approach that type of price I don't see any reason to spend it. Five for the price of one keeps me coming back for more. Occasionally a less consistent one of a bundle. No big deal. Bet they all have exceptions. 5 5 1
Hoyo Governor I have some favorite sticks that I usually keep a couple, in my humidor at all times. This one will join the others. Construction is great, haven't had a crooked burner yet. The flavor is amazing. The best part, I can afford to keep a whole bundle in my humidor because they cost a third of the original. 5 5 1
Hoyo Governor Good cigar at a good price. Will be ordering these again as long as the price doesn't increase. These are a good smoke at $2.50 each out the door. Raise the price and I'm looking elsewhere. 4 5 1
Hoyo Governor Due to the fact they were sold out of my usual cigars, I tried these. I ordered 2 packs. Smoked one pack. They have to be the worst I've had in a long time. They are hard to draw, burn uneven. Almost the whole pack canoed when smoking. The taste is not very good either. It seems to be bitter. I've been trying to return the unopened pack, but I have had no return contact from customer service !!!! 1 5 1
Hoyo Governor Uneven packed. Hard draw. Worst cigar I’ve bought from JR in many years. 1 5 1
Hoyo Governor Good daily cigar. 4 5 1
Hoyo Governor The first smoke had draw issues but others since have been constructed beautifully. This has replaced La Finca ammo cans for my daily smokes. Great tasting and good smoke output. 5 5 1
Hoyo Governor Good sweetness on the draw. Some construction issues with 4 out of 20. A cigar that delivers a satisfying smoke session. There at a reasonable price, JR has the best Deals. 4 5 1
Hoyo Governor I was an everyday smoker back in the day when smokes were $1 per stick or less! Now I'm just an occasional smoker. This is definitely a good smoke for the price (in today's market). The taste is OK, draw is smooth, burns evenly & finishes fine. 4 5 1
Hoyo Governor Excellent 5 5 1
Hoyo Governor This was my 2nd order for this cigar, a good cigar for the price, burns evenly and draws good. 4 5 1

JR Nicaraguan Alternative

Hoyo Governor 6 × 50 JRHMG3P

JR Alternative Hoyo Governor Cigars are not overruns or factory seconds, but rather they are first rate premium cigars made to mimic the character and taste of their original counterparts. These top-notch cigars are meticulously handcrafted using the same or similar premium tobacco as the original blends, and many times they are made in the same factory. The difference being, is that we pay for the packaging, marketing, and advertising, thus cutting out the middleman, and passing the savings onto you. They've been our bestselling cigars by far, for over 50- years, and standout as a first in the industry that has never been copied. Order a bundle of 20 from JR Cigar today, and enjoy those rich, bold, Hoyo Governor flavors for a very wallet-friendly price.

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