4.04 25
Excalibur III Very good alternative,nice tight ash,great flavor,good firm construction.,great draw. 5 5 1
Excalibur III Good construction,draw, ash,great flavor. 5 5 1
Excalibur III Was better then Montecristo Dr n2 3 5 1
Excalibur III Great cigar, worth the money 5 5 1
Excalibur III Buying these regularly keeps my budget in check without giving up flavor! 4 5 1
Excalibur III Decent burn, good construction and the flover is okay. Good cigar for riding the tractor because it lasts for most of the yard. 4 5 1
Excalibur III Consistently well constructed with great flavor. Maduro lovers will find it a bargain 4 5 1
Excalibur III Just received a bundle today, couldn’t wait had two already. Totally satisfied, will definitely order again. 5 5 1
Excalibur III Liked my first bundle so much I ordered another. I bought a couple of Excalibur III at my local brick and mortar store, the JR Alternative are so close; without the band you probably couldn’t tell the difference. 5 5 1
Excalibur III This cigar is an astounding value given the price, making them a steal for anyone on a budget. It reminds me of a line in the movie "Lethal Weapon" when one of the antagonists, after test-driving a new car, is asked by a dealership sales guy, "what's your favorite part of the car?" He responds "The price!" and plows over the sales guy and makes off with the vehicle. 5 5 1
Excalibur III Good flavor burn is a little inconsistent. 4 5 1
Excalibur III Nice flavor with a great draw and burn. Ash burns pro. 5 5 1
Excalibur III Smooth for the price and burns pretty slowly. Almost mellow 4 5 1
Excalibur III Good as a fill-in, between the premiums. 4 5 1
Excalibur III Great 5 5 1
Excalibur III Good value for the price 4 5 1
Excalibur III Don’t order these! I thought these could be an alternative, inexpensive daily cigar but almost none would draw worth a damn. Luckily it wasn’t a large expenditure, but won’t order these again. 1 5 1
Excalibur III Burns great, nice draw and the maduro is so good 4 5 1
Excalibur III Great stick 5 5 1
Excalibur III These are OK for doing yard work. Wrapped pretty tight…draw isn’t the best. Taste is OK. 3 5 1
Excalibur III Good value, consistent guality 5 5 1
Excalibur III Great cigar for the money 5 5 1
Excalibur III Not overly complex but good taste, burns evenly and goes great with coffee and a bourbon or scotch. Smoked many bundles of these and are always consistent. 5 5 1
Excalibur III Will not buy ever again. 1 5 1
Excalibur III I have purchased these cigars countless time and the last batch ordered in December 23 are a total disappointment. They came in a plain brown wrapper with the new bands. The quality of the cigar (draw, wrapper, burn) is inconsistent. The flavor of the cigar is nowhere near that of previous bundles. Will not purchase again. 1 5 1

JR Nicaraguan Alternative

Excalibur III 6 × 50 JREX33P

The JR Alternative to the maduro-wrapped Excalibur III cigar is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a really great top-quality premium cigar for much less. Handmade with long-filler tobaccos from some of the best smokes in the world such as Macanudo, Montecristo, and Excalibur, these cigars are close in size, flavor, and strength to those big-name brands. Buy a bundle of 20 at JR Cigar and see why JR Alternative cigars have been our best-selling brand for decades.
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