3.875 8
6 x 60 i smoke these cigars when I could and for the most part I guess it was ok. Did have a problem with a few canoeing, and not an even draw. but the flavor from what I could gather when I could smoke was pretty good... 3 5 1
6 x 60 I actually purchase these frequently. I would rate them as a medium to full bodied cigar. I've paid a lot more for similar smokes, so I keep coming back to Jose Marti.Very good cigar at a very reasonable price ! 4 5 1
6 x 60 Burn unevenly, good taste 3 5 1
6 x 60 For the most part I guess it was ok, not best cigars on market, not going to order it one more time. Did have a problem with a few canoeing, Flavor from what I could gather when I could smoke was pretty good... 3 5 1
6 x 60 Great cigar and you cannot beat the price. 5 5 1
6 x 60 it was fine 4 5 1
6 x 60 I would classify this cigar as a medium strength stogie that was actually a little better than I expected. Burn was a little uneven but not terrible. A little touch up twice and I was back in business. Flavor was middle of the road but not bad and draw was good. Note that I punched this cigar rather than cutting it. Construction was good for the price point of the cigar. Not the best, not the worst. This smoke was a 45-60 minute smoke based on my style of smoking. For me, these are the cigars I would take on a golf or camping trip when I’m going to smoke alot of them. I wouldn’t classify this as a special occasion cigar in my book. I would call this my economy cigar. 4 5 1
6 x 60 Love it 5 5 1

Jose Marti

6 x 60 6 × 60 JO60P

The Jose Marti 6X60 Bundle tells you a lot just from the name. For starters, it’s an iconic brand that has hand-rolled delicious, expertly executed cigars for ages. And the 6X60 Bundle is no different. A flavorful blend of Dominican, Honduran, and Nicaraguan tobaccos are expertly blended to create a premium quality, satisfying smoke. Complemented with an Ecuador Sumatra wrapper, the flavors are savory and rich. As its name suggests, the 6x60 Bundle has a luxurious 6 inch body and 60 gauge ring. Pick up a perfectly bundled box of 20 online from JR Cigar today.
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Ecuador Sumatra


Dominican Republic/Honduras/Nicaragua




Bundle of 20

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