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Jose Marti is a tough premium cigar to beat when it comes to quality, great taste, and affordable price. One of our most popular JR Exclusive brands for well over 30-years, the cigars are produced in modern state-of-the-art factories in both the Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua. Mellow-to-medium bodied, Jose Marti Dominican cigars owe their creamy smooth flavors to a blend of Dominican binder and long fillers paired with a silky, golden brown Connecticut Shade wrapper. Moving up to to medium bodied in strength, the original Jose Marti from Nicaragua is composed of a four-nation blend of long fillers and a tasty Honduran binder, covered by a beautiful clay red Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper. You can expect a long-lasting smoke with complex flavors of earth, leather, cocoa, and sweet spice. Order your favorite Jose Marti blend online from JR Cigar and enjoy a savory modern-day classic that has truly stood the test of time.

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