3.1 10
Majestic Maduro only smoked a few of these so far but what's not to like. Easy draw burns even good flavor & aroma. If the rest are same will always have some of these on hand. 5 5 1
Majestic Maduro Very disapointed.Will buy box cigars in future. 2 5 1
Majestic Maduro Hoyo's are my favorite can tell by my purchase! 5 5 1
Majestic Maduro JR's website implies that these are the exact same cigars as the boxed version but in a bundle. They are NOT the same as the boxed they are a second-tier cigar and their taste and construction reflect that. I've tried for years to get JR to stop falsely advertising these. Be advised! 2 5 1
Majestic Maduro One of my favorites especially for the 4 4 5 1
Majestic Maduro Excellent smoke. Nice strong flavor. Can't beat the price. 4 5 1
Majestic Maduro I've always enjoyed Holio to Monterey. It has a good full body with tons of flavor. Granted they could use a little time in the humidor to even out a little but are still good right off the truck. 4 5 1
Majestic Maduro I got the 2 Bundles of H De M. on time but one of them I try a few cigars already and they feel soft not firm and taste feel like they were made long time ago. not fresh cigars . 2 5 1
Majestic Maduro Rolled a little on the rough side this time around. Earlier versions of this cigar were better constructed if I recall. Upon lighting it really did not seem like an HdM, not a lot of smoke & a somewhat tight 'draw'. I really didn't detect any "HdM" flavor as I smoked 'it down', more like a dollar or 2 dollar cigar. Probably will be my last bundle & will stick to the boxed robustos in the future. 2 5 1
Majestic Maduro Unfortunately each one I tried to smoke from this bundle of 20 was a struggle. They looked great but were thoroughly disappointing when lit. Lousy draw... Almost impossible. I even tried poking them a few times which sometimes works with a difficult smoke... Didn't help these. I see that some other reviewers had the same problem. I've smoked this label in the past and was surprised by the awful quality of this particular batch. 1 5 1

Hoyo de Monterrey Silver Foil

Majestic Maduro 6.12 × 45 HMMAJ3

First called the Executive Series, Hoyo de Monterrey Silver Foil Majestic Maduro cigars were originally created by the Villazon Company in Honduras over thirty-five years ago and became an instant success. The concept behind Silver Foil cigars was to create a more affordable option for Hoyo fans on a slim budget. By packaging these premium cigars in bundles of 25, instead of costlier boxes, everyday smokers could enjoy those rich, bold, Hoyo de Monterrey maduro flavors without sacrificing on quality and taste. Today, Hoyo de Monterrey Silver Foil Majestic Maduro cigars are produced by the iconic General Cigar Company in Honduras using the same Dominican, Honduran, and Nicaraguan long fillers covered by a lush oily and dark Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper. Expertly rolled in a classic 6 x 45 Corona size , you can expect a medium-to full bodied smoke that delivers bold, well refined flavors of earth, black pepper, chocolate, black cherry and espresso for an affordable bundle of 25 price.

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Connecticut Broadleaf

Connecticut Broadleaf

Dominican Republic/Honduras/Nicaragua


Medium - Full


Bundle of 25

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