4.0 22
Cabinet 01-20 Very dry old and not kept properly. Every cigar had dry wrappers falling off easily. It seems that most sale items have dry wrappers or don’t draw properly 2 5 1
Cabinet 01-20 Reminded me of every other Upmann I've smoked: cedar wood mild spice dry taste medium strength burned perfectly. They are pretty good but I'm not convinced about the connoisseur part. 4 5 1
Cabinet 01-20 Very disappointed with this cigar: of the last five only one was enjoyable...good draw flavor..all I expected. Of the other four one didn't draw at all the others lost their wrappers due to peeling. Yes my humidor is a constant 70%. 2 5 1
Cabinet 01-20 Must have received a bad batch as the cigar was rather stiff and had a harsher taste. 2 5 1
Cabinet 01-20 I really like the taste draw and consistency of this now my favorite cigar. 5 5 1
Cabinet 01-20 I got this Cigar in a Sampler and after smoking 2 I love them. They are not too weak and not too strong. Draw is perfection and so is the construction. H. Upmann wins me over once again. 5 5 1
Cabinet 01-20 THE BEST H UPMAN BLEND. 5 5 1
Cabinet 01-20 the cigar reminds me of the toro 1-50 which you don't carry any longer. i personally liked the toro a little better. 5 5 1
Cabinet 01-20 I bought a 5 pack to try. It is a very rich thick smoking cigar. Coats the mouth and tongue with slick oily hints of raisins, walnut and molasses sweetness, with a black coffee and a very lite paparika like spice on the finish. I immeadiately ordered 5 more bundles. This one is something I look forward to smoking and is a perfect fit for my wallet. 4 5 1
Cabinet 01-20 Great medium smoke. Easy draw with a classic taste. Some chocolate a good amount of cedar. When I think of how a cigar should taste this is it. 5 5 1
Cabinet 01-20 This is a true Medium body strength cigar with some complexity. It starts out with a hint of pepper the first inch that evokes into a Montecristo like caramel flavor to about halfway through.The second half takes on more Cohiba like flavors with a dusting of cocoa at the finish. An outstanding anytime Cigar . 4 5 1
Cabinet 01-20 Very smooth and pleasant. 5 5 1
Cabinet 01-20 Sitting around and enjoyed the flavor. The burn was just right. The price was right for these smokes. 3 5 1
Cabinet 01-20 To me this is a great cigar to start the morning off. I usually start at 6:30 take the dog out and puff on this cigar 5 5 1
Cabinet 01-20 This cigar is fine for sitting on the porch enjoying the fall weather and the scent of a cigar. It's draw was a little tight but overall not a bad! I paired it with a glass of Riesling. 3 5 1
Cabinet 01-20 Was a little disappointed with this one. The draw was fine and it had a mellow easy flavor. I was hoping for more flavor. I did have a couple that had wrapper issues. Guess I should have known better, being all Dom. 3 5 1
Cabinet 01-20 Quick easy cigar for short walks 5 5 1
Cabinet 01-20 Great construction. Beautiful ash. Burns so well too. Its a medium but its too mild for me. 4 5 1
Cabinet 01-20 A favorite of mine 5 5 1
Cabinet 01-20 Upmann my go to brand and this cigar fits the bills 5 5 1
Cabinet 01-20 This is not a fair review of the H Upmann Cabinet 01-20 as JRs sent me H Upmann Original Coronas instead. They let me keep the Original Coronas and placed another order for the Cabinet 01-20's on my behalf. Guess what? I received another 5 pack of Original Coronas. The same thing happened a third time despite my insisting that there was something wrong in the warehouse. The result was that there was a mislabel issue from the manufacturer. JR made good by me, so I'm a happy camper. I only wrote this review because they keep sending me e-mails to review the cigar I never received. I have ignored several of these requests but thought I should point out to JRs that when they have an issue like this, they should put a hold on review requests-unless they want me to review the Original Coronas I received (which I do like BTW). 2 5 1
Cabinet 01-20 Great smoke. 5 5 1

H. Upmann Connoisseur

Cabinet 01-20 5.75 × 47 UP205

Every H. Upmann Connoisseur Cabinet 01-20 cigar in this affordable 5-pack, is covered by a delicate, chocolate brown vintage wrapper from Connecticut, atop deeply aged binder and long fillers from the Dominican Republic. Expect an extraordinarily smooth, medium-bodied smoke with lush, nuances of chocolate, cocoa, cedar, sweet spice, and caramel.
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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic



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