3.272727272727273 22
Gallantes Horribly disappointed in this cigar. Terrible flavor and needed to be relit many times. 2 5 1
Gallantes Had to switch from A y C Grenadiers due to the production problems in Puerto Rico. I like these just as much. Certainly not top shelf but a good smoke for the price. 4 5 1
Gallantes These Garcia y Vegas cigars are not my favorite I would rather smoke and better cigar like Ashton or acid all day 3 5 1
Gallantes This cigar has no taste. It's like sucking air until you get a headache! I can't believe the other9 reviews 2 5 1
Gallantes I smoked these cigars years ago and circled back to smoke them again recently....I really could not find anything else that I liked more for the money...They are very smooth and tasty.... 4 5 1
Gallantes You can't find a picture of my Grandpa without one of these in his mouth. For that reason i love these but they are pretty bland. 4 5 1
Gallantes Enjoyable size and taste for first time buyer. 4 5 1
Gallantes good construction. good draw. had some tobacco flavor not really my thing. I would rather spend a little more and get something I can enjoy. 4 5 1
Gallantes Stick to regular cigaes 2 5 1
Gallantes Nice 5 5 1
Gallantes Love this cigar but with almost $9.00 in shipping charges I can buy these local for less money per pack. 3 5 1
Gallantes great tasting cigar for 1/4 of the dough! 5 5 1
Gallantes Smooth mellow and not very flavorful. You can tell they are a cheaply made smoke but these are great for quick smokes or to hand to others that tend to mooch. 3 5 1
Gallantes Just some cheap old pieces of paper with sweepings of tobacco factories somewhere in the world 2 5 1
Gallantes These are not premium cigars. I have smoked these in the past. And enjoyed them at the time. Ive moved on to premium cigar and could never go back. 2 5 1
Gallantes This cigar has no taste. It's like sucking air until you get a headache! I can't believe the other9 reviews 2 5 1
Gallantes This is a decent little cigar for s quick fm olé on the run. Not for the relaxing folk. Might smoke again. 1 5 1
Gallantes ok, but not my cigar 3 5 1
Gallantes Nice cigar for the price 5 5 1
Gallantes Nice smooth draw 4 5 1
Gallantes Ok in a pinch. 3 5 1
Gallantes Look, when I say these are great I just need a cheap and cheerful smoke. Many folks like a more expensive cigar but those are wasted in me because they are too strong, too much money, and burn too long. These are 20 minutes of enjoyment which is enough for me. YMMV. 5 5 1

Garcia y Vega

Gallantes 6.62 × 33 GVGAP

Garcia y Vega Gallantes cigars are a smooth mellow blend of high quality Cuban seed fillers rolled into a flavorful Indonesian wrapper. These 6.62 x 33 Panatela’s have no added flavorings, making them the perfect choice for everyday smokers that demand nothing but pure cigar tobacco taste. Sold in 5-packs with 6 cigars in each pack, Garcia y Vega Gallantes have become the go-to smoke for millions of value conscious aficionados.
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Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed

Dominican Republic



5 Packs of 6 (30 total)

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