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Established in 1882, Garcia y Vega cigars are one of the oldest, and most trusted machine-made cigar brands still in production today. They have garnered their overwhelming popularity by using a signature blend of Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed short filler tobaccos rolled inside a homogenized binder and a genuine top-quality Indonesian wrapper. This timeless recipe provides a smooth and mellow smoke that’s punctuated with a rich earthy aroma. The cigars are available in several different styles, sizes, and packaging, from the pocket friendly 3.88 × 26 Whiffs that are perfect for a quick smoking timeout, to the Presidente that’s rolled in a more substantial 6 × 44 format.

For smokers with a sweet tooth, the Garcia y Vega Game cigars are readily available to soothe your cravings. With this modern line extension, you have a choice of delectable flavor infused blends that include Grape, Pineapple, Mango, Peach, and Green— a fragrant Candela wrapped treat with hints of dried fruit.

Finally, Game Leaf, the latest installment to the portfolio, features a silky Sumatra wrapper and is available in Sweet, Natural, Cognac, and Mango blends, thus giving you four more reasons to love Garcia y Vega cigars!

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