3.652173913043478 23
English Corona Not a great stick but ok when it's all you have. 2 5 1
English Corona A mild to low medium smoke. I am not going to say this taste very cheap but it has the taste of some cheap cigars I have previously smoked. The draw and burn is well but the flavor is almost non-existent. 3 5 1
English Corona REAL GOOD CIGAR 4 5 1
English Corona This is a good mild cigar with a slight sweet finish it's draw is good and it's construction is good 4 5 1
English Corona Burns even with a nice taste 4 5 1
English Corona This is what I call my yard cigar I smoke these while working in the yard or garage. For a machine made cigar not bad last about a half hour goes out when you set it down 4 5 1
English Corona This is a good machine made cigar with a sweet start. The only problem with this cigar is the looseness of the tobacco which makes it burn a little fast. It burns even. 3 5 1
English Corona Not too bad for a machine made Cigar. I keep some of these on the boat because they are packaged in plastic tubes. They are made of fill/cut tobacco so my heavy wet bit tends to make them come apart. I like these when the weather is somewhat wet so if they get ruined it is not like a quality cigar being ruined 3 5 1
English Corona Nice cheap smoke for 25 minutes but I'm having the same problem I had with Phillies blunts and white owls. At about the halfway point of the cigar black black tar starts oozing out of the pre cut hole. Must be all the homogenized crap in it. 4 5 1
English Corona This one was really weird for me it tasted like rain as weird as that sounds but I'm sure it was just a weird one or something 2 5 1
English Corona This isn't a brand that I would but again. Not the worst gas station cigar but not one that I would get again. 3 5 1
English Corona I love the taste of these machine made smokes. They burn well but smoke rather fast. A good daily smoke 4 5 1
English Corona These were my favorite cigars 30 years ago when they sold cigars in the supermarket. They came in tan plastic tubes that did a great job of keeping the cigars fresh. 3 5 1
English Corona Recent purchase so far so good. Very enjoyable. Wish I could find a use for tubes. 3 5 1
English Corona Luckily had at gas station but not decent. Dont know if it worth even if ur craving a cigar and in a pinch. Hard to finish. 2 5 1
English Corona Very good cigar for freshness, it's almost always fresh due to the tub that it comes in. 5 5 1
English Corona I keep getting cigars that smoke like sticks. delivery is very good. 4 5 1
English Corona Great everyday smoke! 5 5 1
English Corona Honestly, my Grandpa always smoked these. And they make me think of times with him around a campfire and relaxing. Very enjoyable nostalgic smoke. 4 5 1
English Corona I like these cigars 4 5 1
English Corona These machine made babies certainly aren’t top shelf smokes. However they are tasty, burn nicely and last 20-30 minutes. They’re cheap so when the woman begins to complain you can toss them out the window if your vehicle with no big loss. The plastic tube keeps them fresh. Save your hand rolled premium gars for when you’re settled in and really enjoy high quality. 4 5 1
English Corona I taste them and that's not because Mr.Lts Columbo sometimes smoked these that i like it. I like it coz they are very tasty and stronger as it should be ! . 5 5 1
English Corona My biggest complaint with lesser expensive cigars is that they are usually stale. My English coronas not only came to me very fast, but were very fresh! I will definitely buy from JR again. 5 5 1

Garcia y Vega

English Corona 5.37 × 41 GVECP

Garcia y Vega English Corona cigars derive their smooth mellow taste and pleasant aroma by using premium Cuban seed fillers rolled into tasty all tobacco Indonesian wrapper. Made for purists who love smoking cigars without any added flavorings, Garcia y Vega English Corona is sold in affordable 5-packs with four cigars in each pack.
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Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed

Dominican Republic



5 Packs of 4 (20 total)

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