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Churchill #15 Great to smoke everyday. Most of each bundle draws well and has good flavor. There are a few in each bundle which I simply throw away but for the price...... 4 4 1
Churchill #15 This cigar burns like a dream tastes like a nightmare. If you like the smell of burning candle wax then this cigar is for you! 2 4 1
Churchill #15 Excellent consistent quality. Placed another order. 4 4 1
Churchill #15 This is a very tasty cigar for the price it's great. You will taste hints of cedar & little pepper not overwhelming at all. It's my everyday Smoke. A number 9 4 4 1
Churchill #15 Give him some time to mellow in the humidor and they've become better. 3 4 1
Churchill #15 Another good everyday cigar that is well priced. I will return for more. 4 4 1
Churchill #15 Construction is usually good and it burns well. The finish tends to be just a little on the bitter side. 4 4 1


Churchill #15 6.25 × 45 CG153

For well over 25 years, Consuegra Churchill #15 Maduro cigars have remained one of our bestselling value priced cigar brands. These “Connies” as they are commonly called by their longtime fan base are either seconds or overruns of big-name Honduran cigars such as Hoyo de Monterrey, Punch, El Rey del Mundo, JR Ultimate’s and Excalibur. The difference being is that they may have wrappers that are slightly off color, or slightly off their intended size, but quite honestly these imperfections hardly affect their bold, delicious, “Cubanesque” taste. The blend is composed of aged Dominican, Honduran, and Nicaraguan fillers covered by a scrumptious, oily, and dark Honduran maduro wrapper. Order a super affordable bundle from JR Cigar and find out why Consuegra Churchill #15 Maduro is still one of the most popular daily smokers in humidors today.

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Dominican Republic/Honduras/Nicaragua


Medium - Full


Bundle of 25

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