2.0 10
Churchill Not the best Cohiba out there. Just plain didn't taste good. Didn't compare to the others. For non-Cuban Cohibas stick with Red Dots Nicaraguans or Blacks. 2 4 1
Churchill I sent the first box back after smoking 4 cigars Tried a second box and was very disappointed after smoking 5 cigars. No consistency very hard draw and burned unevenly. When you spend this much for a cigar you expect to enjoy the smoke. They left me very frustrated and I don't think I will try them again! 1 4 1
Churchill The draw was tight but the construction and flavor were good. Dark butterscotch flavors. Better than many of the other reviews would suggest. Just sit back and smoke this slowly over a couple of hours. 4 4 1
Churchill Lit it took a few draws and put it out couldn't bear the taste. 1 4 1
Churchill Not worth the hype. Requires a firm draw. Starts boring, gets spicer as you get to the middle (which honestly was pleasant), then very, very spicy towards the end. (Almost like a Ligero cigar.) Got so hot towards where the band resides I had to stop smoking this. Good construction, firm to the touch....but I'm struggling what Cohiba was going after here, especially considering where Chohiba's are generally a mild, creamy smoke. I've only had 1 out of my box of 20....but I will not likely order another "Cohiba Blue Band" anything in the future. Not a bad cigar, but not exactly what the Cohiba brand is known for. Marketed as a "lower priced" Red Band with the same flavor profile (medium strength smoke).....that's not what this is. It is an entirely different smoke altogether. Not bad....but not the usual smoke Cohiba fans go after. 2 4 1
Churchill very disappointed, occasionally a good one 2 4 1
Churchill I'm a jerk for not reading reviews prior to purchasing a box. All I can say is ditto, to the majority of the comments. The draw was SO bad on the first stick, I threw it away after messing with it for 5 min., grabbed a second one, and while it was "smokeable", it was very disappointing. If I can send these back I will, if not, they MAY be ok for a landscape cigar, but certainly not one to match up with time to relax and enjoy some personal time with a nice drink.So far, they should be ashamed to put their name on these. 2 4 1
Churchill Do yourself a huge favor, and DO NOT buy these cigars! I smoke one stick at the end of the day, my personal relaxing time. Have an extensive & very humidor collection, so decided to try a box these, and now after 6 sticks, I can say taste is "fair" overall, certainly not close to excellent, and construction is terrible. No, the worst I've ever experienced. I've thrown 3 away after a few minutes because the draw was so bad it was impossible to even get smoke through. They should be ashamed they put the name Cohiba on these. Can't stress enough how bad these are. It was post the 30day window for returns, so I'm stick with these, and will most likely throw them away, the construction is that bad. 1 4 1
Churchill I should have read the reviews prior to buying a box of these. Worthless. Draw is terrible, I threw the first three away they were so tight it was impossible to smoke. Taste is plain, nothing. They should be ashamed to put the name Cohiba on these. Save you money, stay away from these! 2 4 1
Churchill The cigar flavor was good and I would say they are well constructed. The draw was good at first but it got tight after smoking for about 25 minutes. I had to squeeze the cigar and roll it with my finger to loosen the draw. Other than that, I really enjoyed. I have only smoked one out of the box. 3 4 1

Cohiba Blue

Churchill 7.50 × 50 CDBUCH

 Coming from a long pedigree of outstanding premium handmade cigars, The Cohiba Blue Churchill is a perfectly balanced smoke blessed with the outstanding construction, burn, and taste that one would come to expect from such a legendary brand. Medium bodied in strength and brimming with velvety notes of cocoa, caramel, and cinnamon, Blue is one of the smoothest and richest Cohiba blends to date.

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Honduras Olancho San Agustin Sun Grown


Dominican Republic/Honduras/Nicaragua

Dominican Republic



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