4.384615384615385 13
Gigante Maduro Has a medium to full body with a substantial maduro wrapper. Lots a of smoke with an even burn for most of the cigars. There were problems for some of the cigars with a very hard draw and uneven burn. With that said a very good deal for the price and quality; will reorder. 3 5 1
Gigante Maduro Still have not heard anything from anybody at JR about free shipping. Note: I signed up for free shipping last year (2nd or 3rd year I believe) and it appears the ‘free shipping’ has gone away. No warning, no mechanism to re-up for the free shipping. As of today (06/30) NO ONE from JR has responded to any of my notes. 4 5 1
Gigante Maduro These are fantastic. Fullnflavored and smoke well. 5 5 1
Gigante Maduro I like these when I want to plug a good stogie into my phiz, but not have the ability to savor the thing. Puffing away on the morning commute, mowing the lawn, or just enjoying a morning dump, these are terrific. Also affordable when you are at the end of the pay period, and have to patronize Charlie’s Cheep Cigz ‘n’ Stuf, instead of Hizzoner’s Tobacco Emporium & Off-Track Betting, for something to get you through till the bank acknowledges your hard-earned is now available for better smokage. Four stars for occasional inconsistency, otherwise a go-to for moi. 4 5 1
Gigante Maduro It’s an ok smoke 4 5 1
Gigante Maduro One of my favorite daily smokes. 5 5 1
Gigante Maduro Good everyday medium bodied cigar. Nice semi-sweet flavor, good build, plenty of smoke. I smoke them all the way down. 5 5 1
Gigante Maduro Great cigar 5 5 1
Gigante Maduro This is my favorite everyday smoke. I try different maduros from time to time, but I always come back to this one! For me, you just can’t beat the price and quality of this smoke! 4 5 1
Gigante Maduro This is a great cigar for the price!! In a blind taste you would expect to pay twice the amount.. Trust me this cigar is an enjoyable winner!! 5 5 1
Gigante Maduro You cannot beat this stick for full bodied flavor at this price point. Good burn too. 5 5 1
Gigante Maduro I like these Birosos, they are very consistent. Nice mellow flavor, but they sometimes burn unevenly and take some tending. 4 5 1
Gigante Maduro This the most enjoyable cigar with that very strong black coffee taste. Has a touch of sweet and other notes that the strong dark flavor doesn't quite over power 4 5 1


Gigante 6 × 60 BROG3

Slightly sweeter and spicier than its natural wrapped cousin, Brioso Gigante Maduro cigars offer the dark leaf enthusiast a big mouthful of scrumptious premium flavor. Savory medium body notes of chocolate, earth, and caramel pair wonderfully with a cup of fresh brewed coffee or your favorite imported ale. Affordable luxury cigar smoking awaits when you order a 20-count bundle right here at JR.

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