4.220588235294118 68
Morning Star If you're new to cigar smoking you should probably pass on this cigar until your palate is more developed and accustomed to full strength. If there is a strength level above full this blend might be even higher than that. I'm not trying to say this is a harsh blend. It is in fact well constructed and the complexity of flavors constantly shift with a smooth draw and an even burn line. There were a couple in the box that were rolled too tight but were fixed easily with a cigar awl. Nicotine will kick you hard in the face towards the end of the stick so be careful. 4 5 1
Morning Star They were much darker - The first time they came out with these they were much darker but now they have a medium brown wrapping leaf. Just 8 months ago compared to these 4 boxes that I purchased 12/16. Im even comparing them to the pictures I have and its huge color difference. The filler seems to look the same and tightly rolled. But the PUNCH for just ist there anymore.. UGH!! You should be ashamed of yourself BONESHAKER !! What happen ?? 2 5 1
Morning Star i have now purchased 2 boxes in the past 6 months and am getting ready to order another one. my one bad point and really is not a big issue. in each box I had one in each that was not able to smoke. for me it was not a big deal every other one smokes great. 4 5 1
Morning Star Strong yes. Tasty not so much. The taste was one flavor form a dog pile. For my taste in maduro I like the Excalibur #1 or the Riata # 8 or 9. Put these back on the plie that they came from. 2 5 1
Morning Star These are a good cigar not great! The size is not as advertised! None of them came close to 5 inches. Need a cigar stretcher! 3 5 1
Morning Star I usually cant stand gurkhas but they hit a home run with a homerun with this line. I have tried all the versions and i like the mace and maul the best. Full flavor from the first puff. Lots of rich earth cedar and coffee with just a bit of sweet tobacco or chocolate. Do yourself a favor and try this sweet cigar 4 5 1
Morning Star These are strong boneshaking cigars. I love the strength and construction. These are a real attention getter. Seriously these are great at a great price. 3 5 1
Morning Star I don't like buying samplers because I'm usually highly disappointed in half of what is in it. Ended up with a sampler that had one if these in it and was pleasantly surprised. So surprised I just ordered a box hope I'm as happy with the next 20. 5 5 1
Morning Star 8 AM I'm about to light up my first BONESHAKER MORNING STAR. They say that this puppy is strong it should go well with my morning coffee. The first few puffs are hinting at great strength and interesting flavor. As I puff through the first third the flavor actually smooths out rich and creamy strong but not harsh or bitter. I'm liking this. Almost done now and like has turned to love. This even burning smoke is worthy of a 90 rating. I'd like to get a box of 'em and at the price why not? 5 5 1
Morning Star good smoke 4 5 1
Morning Star Full body don't even begin to describe this monster. Bold flavor from start to finish leather earthy and a lot of espresso spice 5 5 1
Morning Star this is a great product. for some this might be a little strong. this is my first purchase of a box and gotta say they are great and will buy another box when needed 5 5 1
Morning Star Thanks for the write up Lew! Great bold taste at light up burned even smooth tight ash. Pairs well with a neat peaty Islay single malt! Tried one from sampler will need a box of these puppies. Nice size for this strength! 4 5 1
Morning Star Smoked a few of these and so far each one has been the same. Starts of strong and ends the same way. It's the kind of smoke you really should be in the right frame of mind for (relaxed) to enjoy. Good draw construction and flavor followed by a strong ash. 4 5 1
Morning Star Boneshaker very good tasting cigar! Burns even and clean. The box is very nice! Would recommend this cigar to everyone who enjoys a full bodied cigar. For the price you can't hardly beat the boneshaker**** 5 5 1
Morning Star This is a great cigar though as a new guy when it comes to cigars I did find the flavor pretty strong and spicy an I only give construction a lower rating because I ha d one that started to peel up almost immediately but just that one the others were great 3 5 1
Morning Star Good smoke tastes is smooth it is a stronger tasteing cigar not suggested for the beginning cigar smoker . But if you are a conucure and like full bodied cigars I think you will like this one for the price of this cigar. I think you can not beat this one. I think it is better the an Arturo Fuente Opus X 3 5 1
Morning Star Surprisingly good cigar from the makers of Gurkha. I didn't think they could make a decent cigar. Strong but not as strong as Lew describes. I will enjoy these full bodied cigars 4 5 1
Morning Star Now that's a knife!!! I mean cigar :). Great construction good burn but most of all great flavor. Very happy. Of course all reviews are subjective but if you like a full bodied cigar you will not be disappointed. Enjoy! 4 5 1
Morning Star Fairly stout stick but tasty. Good construction even burn and nice draw. Boneshaker has become one of my favorites 5 5 1
Morning Star Strong cigar very nice construction flavor profile for me is rich tobacco with some slight spice mostly leather woody and earthy. Got to be wanting a strong smoke to truly enjoy. 4 5 1
Morning Star This is a superb cigar. When I took my first puff of this cigar the flavor lunged at me at full speed. I enjoyed the maul cigar as well however it was a lengthy smoke enjoyable but time consuming. Therefore I found myself continuously taking breaks. Nevertheless it sustained its flavor after relighting it. That is why I purchased the slightly smaller figurado. 4 5 1
Morning Star Love this cigar so much flavor and punch 5 5 1
Morning Star Bought box on sale. Based on first two sticks this cigar is nicely bold in flavor both in the smoke and the very nice wrapper. Burns very well with only the slightest of wave in one where slowing down the pace of smoking cured it quickly. Draw was perfect. 4 5 1
Morning Star Love this little cigar and i'ts brother Mace. Great price some construction issues. Tight cigar with good draw. Can have a burn problem now and then nothing the price won't cure. The flavor is very good. It's my every day stick. 3 5 1
Morning Star This bone shaker line is quickly becoming one of my favorites. If you like a full bodied cigar you should give them a try. 5 5 1
Morning Star Very strong cigar. Crisp burn line and strong ash...evidently well constructed. Each puff belows huge plumes of smoke. I enjoy and recommend to cigar smokers who enjoy a strong tasty and well crafted cigar!! 4 5 1
Morning Star This is a full bodied cigar. I initially didn't like it but after a few sticks the flavor grew on me. It's a great stick to unwind with over coffee. 4 5 1
Morning Star Very disappointing. Uneven burn poor quality. 1 5 1
Morning Star Nice flavor strong but has a distinct taste. Well made good draw lots of spice and dark cedar flavor. My second box of Boneshakers and I'm glad I bought them. 5 5 1
Morning Star Tried this bad boy while passing through NC a while back. What a treat! After a few weeks I ordered a box. Now just for the record the Morning Star size that a I bought have a torpedo tip. That's what I tried in J.R.'s lounge and fell in love with. Prospective buyers should know that that the pic on the website does NOT show the tapered head. That said if you're considering buying this DO IT! I love this heavy-hitter as a regular part of my rotation! 4 5 1
Morning Star In my own opinion, the cigar is average in terms of taste, but is very strong, and forged very well. 3 5 1
Morning Star Cigar has black coffee flavor. Didnt get a nicotine buzz. Had good flavor. Good burn. Construction was good. Consistent flavor all the way through. Enjoyed the smoke. 4 5 1
Morning Star Was decent smoke, good flavor 4 5 1
Morning Star Well-made cigar with bold, pleasant flavor. The only criticism is the toros are wrapped too tightly and require perforation down the center to draw consistently and stay lit. 4 5 1
Morning Star Love the taste of these cigars. Closest thing I’ve found that has a Cuban taste. Taste this tobacco and you will love it. 5 5 1
Morning Star A very good cigar. Well constructed, good draw (did have one that was rolled a bit tight but it was an anomaly). Excellent taste. It is full bidied but even my friends who prefer medium bodied cigars love this one. Not harsh at all. After a couple try's I bought a box. 5 5 1
Morning Star I was a bit skeptical but these cigars are great. Good Draw, burn, and taste. Very smooth on the retrohale and does not cut the back of your throat out. 5 5 1
Morning Star Good smoke with a spicy hint 5 5 1
Morning Star I read all the reviews. Super hyped up strongest smoke on the market, coffee notes, chocolate, spicy blah blah blah I could not detect any of these notes that. What I found was something special. Nothing stood out flavor wise and the strength of the cigar to me was medium-full. I ordered a 5 pack and smoked 4 in two days. Early in the morning and one before bed. I ordered a 2nd 5 pack already and can't wait for them to get here. This blend is so well balanced that it just flows. 5 5 1
Morning Star Very pleasant smoke. Great quality great burn no touch ups on any cigars required thus far. This is my 2nd 5 pack picked up some bone yards this time. Ash is white as can be. Forsure a staple in my humidor. bread and burnt toast are the strongest notes to me but there is a lot going on in these puppies. 5 5 1
Morning Star After one month in humidor it was enjoyable 5 5 1
Morning Star I've read the articles on these cigars about how strong they are, but, I find them to be a great cigar. Smooth smoke, very tasty, if you like your coffee as black as midnight on a new moon you should try these. These are the cigar I compare all cigar to now for taste, most of them burn good may have to touch one up now and then but who hasn't had to do that. 5 5 1
Morning Star This is not my favorite version of the BoneShaker I prefer the Mace, but these are still pretty awesome. Not for the faint of heart as they are a bit stronger in strength than the average cigar. Flavor wise they are just as delicious as the others. I have bought these by the box when they are 30% off but if you watch for 5 packs, they can be a good deal as well. 5 5 1
Morning Star Not as strong as it might be advertised. A great deal if you like a thick smoke and hearty flavor. 5 5 1
Morning Star Wow what a gem. First 5 pack of these little wonders were perfect. Not to harsh like I had read. Great draw, flavor and burn. Look at getting a 20 of these next. Highly recommend these and the rest of boneshakers line. 5 5 1
Morning Star I hate 'maduros', but this cigar was wonderful! Don't be scared of the marketing 'hype', there is nothing harsh or unrefined about this cigar. Aroma of the wrapper and cold draw is downright sexy and enticing. Overall experience was like smoking the most delicious leather chair I can imagine with strong but refined cocoa and soft spice that change but are present throughout. I could even imagine these sticks being a good first smoke for some. Check these out! 5 5 1
Morning Star Thrill rides start with great expectations and internal bursts of determination and fear. This were my feelings when I lit up this Boneshaker. The initial aroma is that of a full bodied maduro that is going to leave a dent in the very top of your forehead. Jumping in, the notice has been given. Boneshakers shake you up. From the start, draw was all but perfect and the concentration of those first inhales served as the caution caption in the rollercoaster ride. First third was woody, barbecuous and full of peppery goodness. Not a smoke for the bland-hearted. All this but each ounce of smoke, leaving room for what is yet to unfold. The first deep slide is completed, but the stick keeps on calling. Second third, a full flavorful of a deep blood filled steak taken out of the grill at the exact minute of searing. Calls me up and says, keep smoking, you will not regret. And then: IT KICKS YOU IN THE NUTS. That third round is a full hit on your eyes, the SHAKE starts to happen without notice. Sit down, hunker in and enjoy the ride that’s about to take the last turn into a real maduro tasting. You chose to do this, so keep puffing, the stick is not done. That last third is ready to remind you why you did this in the first place. Whisky sips, a small grin on your face and puff. Once you are done, you are assured to come back only in those special occasions when you know you need this type of ride. The stick holds up like a true trunk of that hardwood tree that will never fall by its own means. Get that pack of 5 and share, make sure you know who to share this with. This is not for the uninitiated. Great smoke. 5 5 1
Morning Star This is an awesome cigar both menlow and strong great taste and flavor cant go wrong with this cigar 5 5 1
Morning Star Loaded with flavor. Strong cigar but not overwhelming. Decent burn. 5 5 1
Morning Star I like these cigars. They go good with bourbon. 5 5 1
Morning Star Very disappointed !! Every cigar they wouldn’t draw bought many of these in the past but lately I can’t smoke them ! Will not buy anymore 1 5 1
Morning Star This is one of the best spicy full body cigars I have ever had. 5 5 1
Morning Star Great cigar 5 5 1
Morning Star Best Maduro I've ever smoked. Tight roll, even burn, full body taste without being harsh. 5 5 1
Morning Star As a regular smoker of Morning Star, I was disappointed that the most recent box was rolled differently than all the previous boxes. It was a smaller in diameter and did not create as much smoke. If the next box is like the last, I will stop smoking them. 2 5 1
Morning Star Nice well balanced cigar 5 5 1
Morning Star A beautiful flavored smoke, love it with a good strong cup of coffee!! Truly nice 5 5 1
Morning Star I typically like the bone shaker cigar line. Some more than others. This is the other that was lacking flavor. The draw was ok, the roll was a bit restrictive. I smoked 5 sticks and all very consistent in terms of a restricted draw and rather bland for my taste. Although they looked great I would not buy again. 3 5 1
Morning Star Boneshaker always come through! The Morning Star is a full flavored stogie that is constructed so well, one might think the draw would be impossible. Au contraire! These sticks are an even burn and have a consistency where many brands fall short. Pick up a 5 pack and give them a try! 5 5 1
Morning Star I thought that Boneshaker was a goofy kind of cigar; just another Johnny-come -lately, over promising and under delivering. Boy, was I wrong! This cigar feels heavy and delivers rich, strong flavor down to the nub. I bought a sample pack and tried the different sizes and blends, all are excellent! 4 5 1
Morning Star I brought a five pack on a whim just to try something different wasn’t dissatisfied burned even and great flavor. 5 5 1
Morning Star Definitely a stronger smoke. If you’re a bit new at smoking you may want to avoid this one or at least take your time on it. 4 5 1
Morning Star Good, full flavor cigar. Even burn, good construction. Will purchase again. 5 5 1
Morning Star Excellent every afternoon Cigar. Would not hesitate to recommend to another Cigar smoker. Full body, flavorful, consistent draw would be a bit much for beginners. 4 5 1
Morning Star Love all Boneshaker Cigars, they never disappoint!! 5 5 1
Morning Star It’s a good one haven’t tried the rest in this pack yet have tried the full body cast which was also good and also naught a 5 pack of maul but couldn’t get one puff out of the whole 5 pack 4 5 1
Morning Star Strong. Burned even. It's more strength than complex. Peppery. A few months in the humidor works wonders.Waiting for a sale to snag a box 4 5 1


Morning Star 5 × 56 BSMS10

Boneshaker Morning Star cigars, sold in this affordable 10-Pack selection, features a dark and oily Connecticut broadleaf maduro wrapper surrounding a core of fully aged Nicaraguan long filler tobaccos. Although it’s certainly not a cigar for the faint of heart, the well-seasoned smoker will be greeted with rich full-bodied flavors of chocolate, sweet spice, pepper, and cream. Boasting top-notch construction and a great burn, these wallet friendly premium cigars offer the everyday smoker a lot of bang for the buck. Order yours from JR Cigar today!
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