4.412844036697248 109
Mace I love Boneshaker. The Maul is the perfect size for this blend. Strong with deep espresso notes leather and earthy spice. Great deal this time around and I keep coming back! 5 5 1
Mace Not Bad for the price. Good construction draw and flavor. Very bold rich and earthy. Strong notes of pepper chocolate wood and leather. These little guys are really good home run hitters! I will re-order! 4 5 1
Mace Sweet deal and worth the money grab them I love them and you can't beat the price 5 5 1
Mace I found a very good economy cigar. You get alot of cigar for little money.good draw good construction and good burn 3 5 1
Mace Smokes evenly and smooth draw!!! 5 5 1
Mace A great surprise. I have never heard of these cigars and bought with a mixed bag. Wow. Great draw and flavor. very good tobacco. 4 5 1
Mace Absolutely terrific cigar. Easily one of the best I've had in quite a while. Shared it around during a session with friends -- it's fat fragrant and fantastically slow-burning -- and it was a unanimous hit. Through a combination of a sampler promo and an auction win I got 15 of these bad boys and I'll be sure to cherish every last one... right down to the nub. 5 5 1
Mace Big Bang from a little stick. This cigar is packed with flavor and taste. It starts mild but by the middle of cigar it packs a punch. I have bought 3 boxes of these and can’t get enough. I plan to open a cigar shop up soon and these will definitely be for sale in my store. 5 5 1
Mace Not too strong upon lighting but quickly builds to a very potent offering and stays that way until the band is reached at which time it mellows somewhat. Very well made and burn requires minimal touch ups. The flavor was a disappointment nothing there but tobacco flavor. That may suit some tastes but I need more from a cigar than these offer. Will not reorder. 3 5 1
Mace Good stick for the money if you like a strong flavor. Surprisingly smooth and well made. Will buy more. 4 5 1
Mace It was ok. Mine was aged for about 1 year. I expected to at least be knocked out by the strength and although it was there it wasn't anything crazy. The flavor was a mix of baseball diamond dust and used coffee grounds. Construction was excellent flavor was consistent. 3 5 1
Mace One of my favorites. Strong but not too stout. Very consistent quality even burn and loaded with flavor.. 5 5 1
Mace Have ave smoked 5 of these Maces to date. Tended to be on the strong side for my tastes and a bit of fire-mouth towards the end. Tasty leathery flavor. Some consistency issues and needed to touch up the burn on two of these A pleasureable smoke that rewards patience. 4 5 1
Mace I'm new to the cigar culture and like most newbies I was hesitant to jump into anything too bold for fear it would make me toss it all. One of the great Mooresville NC J&R tobacconists recommended I try a Boneshaker and it is now number one on my cigar list. Just ordered my first box!! 5 5 1
Mace Bought 10 of these cheap. First one was dry. After some quality time in the humidor the next two were absolutely top notch. Great taste serious sweet cream. I rate them up with the best. This is a strong cigar perfect name for it. I love them. 5 5 1
Mace An excellent stick for the price. It's a good slightly cheaper replacement for a Partagas Black Label which I have as a regular in my rotation. Strong earthy flavors not a lot of pepper and a strong ligero vitamin N kick. Grab a sampler with one of this lines stick in in and give it a try. 4 5 1
Mace Not usually grabbing for Nicaraguan in the morning but a good start. Black coffee and this spicy smooth burner made for a great day. Started the last two days the same way what a wake up call. 4 5 1
Mace The Best Damn SMOKE I've Ever Smoked in My Life besides The PUNISHER Could Not Ever Ask for a Better CIGAR.... 5 5 1
Mace Ok now this is one of the best cigars I have smoked and I have smoked a bunch over the past 20 years and I must say it has become my favorite cigar ..great burn and very spicy & strong but not over powering ..if you like a good strong full body spicy smoke you will love this one for sure I will always have these in my box 5 5 1
Mace Wow. Starts off with hints of pepper dark chocolate cherry type flavors. Burns slow and draws consistent. . Fantastic** I look forward lightning up a 2nd ciger this evening. I will be keeping these sticks in my humidor. JR tks again** price is right*** puff puff 3 5 1
Mace got one in a sampler was unsure about smoking it thought it might be one of those gars that are way too strong after all it's named boneshaker. Any who was very good smoke no harshness very peppery. good all around 5 5 1
Mace Just buy them! Worth every cent & more. Yes a little strong but don't be intimidated by reviews that tell how strong they are. If they are too strong for you then you haven't smoked enough cigars. 5 5 1
Mace Just ordered my second box love this cigar! Great construction burn and flavor. Near the end it got real spicy on my tongue but I still enjoyed it. They have all be very consistent. Recommend buy! 5 5 1
Mace This is a 1st time stick for me and I will admit that this brand is everything it is advertised as! I love full-body cigars and this is just that... I highly recommend giving them a try! 5 5 1
Mace Love this powerhouse. Great taste pleasure smoke. It also has pretty good burn time not to mention the fact that it holds an ash well. 4 5 1
Mace I really didn't have any idea what to expect but what a pleasant surprise. Very comparable to one of my favorite cigars Bolivar Cofradia. Boneshaker packa a lot of BANG for you buck. 4 5 1
Mace Great flavor! A bold full flavor just a little bit of pepper. Always a very nice consistently smooth full mouth draw. The ash forms a tight sturdy chimney due to the slow and steady even burn. Perfect length for when you just don't have time for a long stick! 4 5 1
Mace I am just your average weekend smoker and I was very surprised how well the cigar held together. Great smoke smooth and strong from start to finish. 4 5 1
Mace Great cigar already almost finished first box in less than a month will keep in rotation Plan to buy another box very soon. 5 5 1
Mace Had my first bone shaker yesterday awesome first notes Coco with a little cedar great smoke output very tasty cigar I suggest everyone try these. a great cigar for the money Also hints of pepper in the beginning love this cigar. Strong but good 4 5 1
Mace The sampler i received already (1st Cigar)has a very tight draw. I hope the rest will be ok 2 5 1
Mace No humidor should ever be without these. I bought these to compare to the NUB and wow they are fantastic and go great with a smooth tequila. Nice flavor nice draw and flawless construction 4 5 1
Mace One of my favorites 5 5 1
Mace Great punch you in the face cigar, 30-45 min smoke. Good flavors all the way through. 5 5 1
Mace Love em! My go to stick. 5 5 1
Mace I love them! 5 5 1
Mace Spicy! 5 5 1
Mace it was decent, but no Espinosa 3 5 1
Mace My everyday go to cigars, Great taste, flavor, consistant burn and a pure joy to smoke. I bought these not expecting much but I was soooooo wrong. Try a box and enjoy. 5 5 1
Mace Freaking delicious! any time of the day. Morning with coffee or Happy Hour with my favorite drink. It is rich and smooth. It burns great and even fantastic draw. Just delicious between the teeth. I bought a five pack and then a box and almost smoked them all. They were all the same consistent flavors and satisfaction. BUY THEM WHILE THEY ARE CHEAP. WHEN THE WORD OF THESE BABIES GETS OUT THEY WILL DISAPPEAR OR BE TOO EXPENSIVE. LOVE THEM! 5 5 1
Mace I was impressed with the flavor of this little monster. Definitely not a morning cigar and I'm a full body type of smoker is more of a late afternoon evening smoke. 5 5 1
Mace Best of the best 5 5 1
Mace Knocked my socks off and was completely blown away so glad I tried the Nic sampler last weekend. Nice construction and appearance used my Colibri. Pre-draw as nice and easy with nice well balanced flavors of toasted cashews and slight hint of cholate. carried through with a nice even burn and held ash to about 2 inches before it had a nice even drop off. never had to do any touch up with torch.. This will become a standard stock keeping stick in my humi. Thanks for turning me onto this great smoke at a reasonable price. 5 5 1
Mace This is one bad a$$ gar all around awesome one of my favorites all my buddys like these. 5 5 1
Mace This is a great cigar at a great price point. If you want a serious powerhouse try it's dirty cousin the Full Body Cast! 5 5 1
Mace Great super sweet dark chocolatey and lots of spice and pepper taste. Definetly worth a try 5 5 1
Mace Bought a box of these in February 2017 great great stick I've already smoked 4 already looking to order a second box you can't go wrong with the boneshaker going to smoke one tonight for Texas Independence Day 5 5 1
Mace Great great strong cigar the boneshaker mace going to order a second box . As they say everything is big in Texas and so is the boneshaker 4 5 1
Mace I am a big fan of the Maul so I figured this would be good. Got it as part of a sampler since I don't usually order short cigars.. This puppy did not disappoint! It strengthened my feelings about the Boneshaker brand. Excellent construction great draw and powerful rich flavor. 5 5 1
Mace Have ave smoked 5 of these Maces to date. Tended to be on the strong side for my tastes and a bit of fire-mouth towards the end. Tasty leathery flavor. Some consistency issues and needed to touch up the burn on two of these A pleasureable smoke that rewards patience. 4 5 1
Mace Thank you once again COTH Club for introducing me to something absolutely wonderful. No exaggeration this is the best cigar I've smoked in recent memory and am definitely going to be ordering them for the rest of my life. I actually broke out the clips and puffed this cigar right until it was burning my lips. If it wasn't 2 in the morning when I smoked this I would've been searching the local shops for it right then just to keep the flow going. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this cigar with words alone so if you only listen to a bunch of strangers once in your life listen to us right now and try these full bodied beauties for yourself. No lie absolutely amazing. Floored. 5 5 1
Mace Sturdy construction with a good oily wrapper. Full body. Burns very well and remains lit although ash was dark grey. No small bits of tobacco in your mouth. Only negative was it's enormous wrapper that just simply gets in your way. 4 5 1
Mace An excellent stick for the price. It's a good slightly cheaper replacement for a Partagas Black Label which I have as a regular in my rotation. Strong earthy flavors not a lot of pepper and a strong ligero vitamin N kick. Grab a sampler with one of this lines stick in in and give it a try. 4 5 1
Mace Best cigar ever for me! I just finished a maul I received in a sampler. I had a little uneven burn but a little touch up and all was well. I am saving up for a box.Very stout and complex.My personal favorite! 4 5 1
Mace Love it! But I see the price is starting to ratchet up. 4 5 1
Mace Follow up. Lit 3rd ciger. Wow** the wrapper Is very good & peppery Burn almost evenly the first 1inch is mid-full then it turns full body with hints if dark chocolate cherry earthy type notes and aroma. Heavy smoke and burns slow right to the nub.the 4.5 )) 60 gauge *** I just ordered a 2nd box. Can't forget the free ashtray. Tks JR 4 5 1
Mace One of the best I'v ever had!! Bought a box today!! 5 5 1
Mace This is my new favorite. Enjoy the bold taste. Burns nice. Needed some shorter sticks for times need a hour smoke. 1 5 1
Mace How in the world are these so cheap?! If I had to guess asylum makes these for jr. Identical construction! Different leaves that's it! These are spicy...asylum uses the flavorful leaves and makes these with the left over spicy...again...that's my guess. 4 5 1
Mace This is a first time cigar for me I stumbled upon it while trying to decide what cigars to purchase. I am a fullbody cigar Smoker and found the Boneshaker to live up to how it was advertised! Very consistent Burn is right on flavor! Well I found it to be a huge flavor bomb that paired very nicely with my Espresso! I was very impressed with this brand! There are cigars out on the market for a lot more money than the Boneshaker and given the Awesome construction burn consistency flavor and a Great Price you can't beat it. .. highly recommend giving these a try! 5 5 1
Mace This stick is not for a mild cigar lover it is beyond bold it is beautifully made and stays strong to the finish ... Excellent smoke after a big meal paired with a bourbon on the rocks 5 5 1
Mace Bought a box of these and have had two so far. They are BOLD but not raspy. Nice construction and burn profile for the price point. I have also given a few of these away to my friends (waiting on their opinion) but anticipate similar opinion. Really good flavor take your time with it though. 4 5 1
Mace I like full bodied smokes and these are great!! Have bought several boxes and HOPE they don't raise the prices D 5 5 1
Mace I admiti was sceptical about trying a box purchase straight away. My buddy suggested the collaborative purchase and I have become pleasantly surprised by the Bone Shaker flavors. That wonderful peppery flavor with an after taste that's pleasant. Such an easy draw and consistent burn. Here's to my herfing buddy who knows how to pick them. 4 5 1
Mace It is a well built balanced cigar with a great spicy finish. Smooth and strong from the start to finish. 4 5 1
Mace Sampled one of these last week. WOW. Strong full bodied but smooth at the same time. Was a challenge to finish it off and I smoke full bodied all of the time. Great construction and flavor 5 5 1
Mace Have to say these little guys we’ll shock you. Full of flavor and packs a punch. Little hard at first to draw but once it heats up it’s great 5 5 1
Mace All in all good we'll rounded cigar. My only complaint is it doesn't burn evenly. Have to constantly correct the burn. Other then that good cigar nice flavor 4 5 1
Mace Nice, consistent smoke. Really enjoyable. Pairs well with an IPA. 4 5 1
Mace I have smoked this cigar for years, my main go to cigar. I share this cigar with everyone I work with as well as family that travel's. The burn is amazing nice solid smoke. The wrap is tight and does not fall apart. It is strong buts that's how I like them. Also with alot of cigars I have tried they tend to make me spit alot or have dry mouth, but not with this cigar. This will be my life time smoking cigar. 5 5 1
Mace Was very hesitant about this smoke due to its 4.5" length. After the second puff, all worry was put to rest. This small boy smokes like its big-boy relative (Maul):perfect roll, great give to the touch, razor-like ring burn, ton of smoke, even burn, not a bad smoke in the bunch. Be prepared for 40-50 minutes of smoking euphoria. 4 5 1
Mace Nice smooth draw, Slow even burn, hearty smoke goes great with my bourbon. 5 5 1
Mace great cigar - love the size 5 5 1
Mace This has quickly becomes one of my favorite cigars. 5 5 1
Mace Good smoke an decent length 5 5 1
Mace Got one of these in a Cigar of the Month Club Shipment. I’ll start with full disclosure: Connecticut Broadleaf maduros are not my favorite. I don’t DISLIKE them, they just aren’t a “go-to” for me. Having said that, I’ll address the strength: I would put this cigar’s strength on par with the La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero 700, which I DO love. Strong, but not “make me puke” strong, like some have said. The burn on this cigar was perfect from beginning to end. The flavors in the first half were pretty standard for a Connecticut Broadleaf - good, again just not my fave. The second half was where this cigar really began to shine for me: HEAVY leather. I truly enjoyed the second half of this one. Took it down to a nub that nearly burnt my fingers. It DID get slightly bitter at that point, but I enjoyed the rest of it so much that it wasn’t “off-putting” to me. All-in-all, even though Habano is my “wheelhouse” wrapper, I really enjoyed this cigar. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second in buying a 5- or 10-pack. Good job on this one! Oh, for reference: I used a punch cutter for the smoke. 4 5 1
Mace This cigars ring size gets smaller everytime i buy it and ive bought a lot of these 4 5 1
Mace I'm a little picky about full flavored cigars. I find Boneshaker a great smoke. Well constructed, nice draw and burns well. Plus it gives a nice warning as to when you've had enough. Recommended as a firstp full bodied experience. Enjoy.! 5 5 1
Mace My humidor is always stocked with the boneshaker line. And the mace is the one I chose when a "quick" smoke is called for and I do not have the time to fire up a war hammer.... Great all around smoke!!! 5 5 1
Mace its just the right size 5 5 1
Mace It was a great cigar for the price!!! 3 5 1
Mace All I can say is I love this smoke! 5 5 1
Mace Found this cigars a bit strange ,overall good , nice looking sticks , the flavor in the few 4-5 I had it's a rainbow of flavors ,one was very mellow , one was very strong , 2 we're right on point to my liking . They burn very good , nice solid ash , good solid draw , very pungent smell of the smoke ,nice 45 minutes smoke. I have had them under different circumstances to o make sure I give the box I bought a decent chance to represent the brand . I will buy again for sure , IMHO this is a very good deal ,for some reason JR CIgars® sell it a s power house, full body cigars ,I did not find it that strong ,it's just matter of smoking the cigar correctly ,slow and with some drinks . Rinse your mouth with some cold water every now and then spit it, blow on the cigar to stop resin accumulation , that alone would make this smoke a pleasant experience . 4 5 1
Mace I've been smoking the Boneshaker Mace since I found them at the Burlington location, 6-7 years ago(I think). I have em a shot, and wow. High and smoke at a low end price. One I try to keep stocked in my humidors. Sometimes the flavor will be a little different, but never in a bad way. I recommend these to any full bodied smokers I know. 5 5 1
Mace Holy strong smoke! Great flavor but wow… 4 5 1
Mace Love these, tight roll, excellent draw. I can smoke them while riding my motorcycle and they very rarely tunnel like most cigars. 5 5 1
Mace Best bang for the buck ! Full flavored nice draw , never disappoints. 5 5 1
Mace Great smoke 5 5 1
Mace Really good cigar at an affordable price 5 5 1
Mace These are pretty good cigars. They stay lit and put off a decent amount of smoke. The flavors are not as intense as the description leads you to believe, but they are there and easily identifiable. I thought they'd be strong with nicotine, but they don't seem to be. Good house blend. 4 5 1
Mace Not quite as full bodied as I usually smoke but it has legs without being overpoo. My only real complai would be lack of consistency in wrapper burn vs filler. Also will get the occasional run on the wrapper. 4 5 1
Mace A great cigar. Nicely wrapped, burns nice and even, and has a fabulous, full bodied flavor. My go to stogie. 5 5 1
Mace Very affordable and an okay smoke 3 5 1
Mace The first couple of bundles of these I bought were outstanding. This time I ordered 2 bundles and the were loosely wrapped in the center causing it to tunnel and creating a terrible draw. Was hard to keep lit 3 5 1
Mace Full body!! 4 5 1
Mace I really like these 5 5 1
Mace I was very surprised by this wonderful smoke purchased Xbox and shared some with friends. 5 5 1
Mace Bone Shaker Mace is a great cigar for a good price, 5 5 1
Mace I'm a daily cigar smoker, I always enjoy coming back to these. Have probably smoked 50 of them and still get excited when I pull one out of my humidor. 4 5 1
Mace Mace is a good cigar, sometimes burns uneven but overall it’s a good cigar. 4 5 1
Mace Good cigar for the price. Nice flavor good draw. 4 5 1
Mace I got a coupon code that brought the cost of a box of these down to under $4 per cigar, so I was really hoping they would be good. Well, I was disappointed. The flavor of these cigars was pretty decent, but the draw was so tight that it wasn't even enjoyable to smoke. I ended up throwing about half of the box away. Even at under $4 per stick, I would not buy them again. 2 5 1
Mace Love this vitola nice cigar 5 5 1
Mace Great smoke 5 5 1
Mace Very nice deal. Good experience for the price👍 4 5 1
Mace Excellent draw. 5 5 1
Mace Great smoke nice flavor l love the name 5 5 1
Mace Great cigar, priced right. Strong, bold Maduro taste, one of my favorites 5 5 1


Mace 4.50 × 60 BSMACE5

Boneshaker Mace is an uber-full bodied premium cigar rolled in a large 4 x60 Rothschild format with a deep dark Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper atop Nicaraguan binder and long filler tobacco. Produced by Tabacalera U.S.A, and rolled under the watchful eye of iconic cigar master Omar Ortez, Mace serves up heady notes of cayenne pepper, earth, oak, espresso, and leather ,that keeps growing in intensity throughout the length of the smoke. Boneshaker Mace is certainly not for the squeamish, bit rather it’s a bold flavor bomb made to appeal the most experienced of smokers in search of a highly flavorful “Cubanesque” smoke with a modest price tag. If this fits your description, then order a 5-pack from JR Cigar today, and brace yourself for one of the tastiest and most powerful sticks out there!
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