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Nector Is this Drew Estates Ambrosia Clove Tiki's replacement. It sounds like it is very similar. Although I enjoyed the Tikis as a smaller cigar in the 4x32 10 cigar tins I'm going to try these in the six-pak. I'll give you a shout back about my thoughts. 5 5 1
Nector Sharp notes of clove throughout an even burn and good construction. First one, too spicy for my liking; unlike other Acids which I very much enjoy, the Ambrosia doesn’t back off the initial embedded spices / taste during the smoke. 4 5 1
Nector excellent taste and aroma. A little pricey compared to some other locations, but definitely worth it. 4 5 1

Ambrosia by Drew Estate

Nector 5 × 42 AMBNE

 Ambrosia by Drew Estate Nectar cigars start with a yellowish-brown Connecticut wrapper over a Connecticut binder, and aged long fillers from Nicaragua.  However, the key to Nectar’s uniquely satisfying flavor and aroma comes from adding native spices from South Asia and Europe to the blend. Drew Estate fans and adventurous smokers alike will experience a lush combo of earth, various sweet and tangy spices, leather, citrus, and dried fruit. These top- notch cigars are available in beautiful, artfully designed boxes of 24.

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