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Ambrosia by Drew Estate cigars are yet another flavor packed premium offering from Drew Estate that is not to be missed by any smoker in search of a delicious blend that is unlike any other on the market. In fact, Ambrosia is one of the many reasons that brand owner Jonathan Drew coined his wildly popular brand “The Rebirth of Cigars”.

Each Ambrosia cigar starts off quite traditionally with Drew Estate’s signature blend of Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos blended inside four front marks that feature top-quality Cameroon, Connecticut, and Sumatra wrappers. However, the key to Ambrosia's uniquely captivating taste and aroma comes from adding native spices from South Asia and Europe to all four of these estate grown long filler tobacco blends. So, depending on which Ambrosia cigar you choose, prepare yourself for an explosion of uniquely exotic flavors, all delivered in a smooth, slow burning, medium bodied fashion.

Drew Estate admits that Ambrosia cigars are not made for every style of smoker, but you can bet that every style of smoker will fall in love with its captivating taste and crowd-pleasing aroma!

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