4.555555555555555 27
Centuria This cigar has great flavors and transitions. Smooth cedar with fruit tastes in first third than transitions into a creamy medium body blend. Great cigar 5 5 1
Centuria Ohhh it’s a special cigar. I love it!!! This taste is very good. One of my favourite cigar. 10/10 4 5 1
Centuria I just order couple samplers because I wanted to try new cigar. Hopefully this cigar has a great taste 5 5 1
Centuria This cigar is incredible. You can tell that the taste is exactly what the makers were going for. A medium complexity cigar with an outstanding taste. All 20 cigars had beautiful wrappers. I smoked about 15 of them and gave away 5. The taste is very classic with a deep and rich profile. The dominate flavor is nut with a deep spice background and a creamy leather finish. The heavy body makes it hard to miss. 100% worth it for a tastey medium-full body lover. Alec Bradley never ceases to suprise me! 5 5 1
Centuria Probably the best tasting cigar I’ve enjoyed all year! Truly fantastic flavor. On the downside the cigar will not stay lit and burns uneven. 3 5 1
Centuria Tempus is a true premium Bradley Flawless wrapper and complex blending that creates nutty goodness start to finish 5 5 1
Centuria The tempus isn't a bad cigar by any means it has been rated well but for me the construction has been hit or miss and the falvor seems artificial in some strange way. 3 5 1
Centuria Alec Bradley Tempus Cnturia is a heavy weight cigar only for experienced cigar aficionados very heavy tastes of leather earth Black spicy peper 5 5 1
Centuria One incredible smoke extremely smooth and an effortless draw. Full of flavors with hints of nuts and a woodsy taste. Well made and to be enjoyed. 5 5 1
Centuria I really enjoyed the cigar with a group of friends over a nice fire with a nice cognac it’s vanilla woody fruity with a hint of spice 5 5 1
Centuria The Alec Bradley Tempus Centuria is a very delicious Rich cigar with deep flavor and the aroma is amazing 5 5 1
Centuria The Alec Bradley Tempus Centuria is a really yummy cigar with nice aroma 5 5 1
Centuria I have bought two boxes of these beauties. They are strong with a nice sweetness. The draw was superb and no flaws to the rapper or filler. While this is not my favorite it will remain in my current lineup. 4 5 1
Centuria Tempus is a very smooth full body smoke with hints of pepper and spices but not to over bearing. 5 5 1
Centuria These Alec Bradleys are a great smoke the name is catchy for a good reason it's exotic. I recommend this to all for their humidor collection. 5 5 1
Centuria Probably the best tasting cigar I’ve enjoyed all year! Truly fantastic flavor. On the downside the cigar will not stay lit and burns uneven. 3 5 1
Centuria The Alec Bradley Tempus Centuria is an extremely tasty cigar with a leathery aroma. 5 5 1
Centuria Awesome smoker for when you have the time to pour a bourbon and take your time smoking her! Worth it 5 5 1
Centuria My very first time smoking a cigar of this size. I am definitely not disappointed! 4 5 1
Centuria I have been a fan of the Tempus for a while now, I Love the dark chocolate dessert taste. I prefer a smaller version but this is one that I keep a few in my Humidor.. 3 5 1
Centuria A medium to full bodied beauty unlike a lot of cigar I believe it stays consistent with flavor from start to finish 5 5 1
Centuria After having smoked an unfathomable number of Churchill cigars over the years, I believe I’ve found the perfect one. Amazing all around. I always keep some in the box for those evenings when I’m drinking some Whitley County, Kentucky shine. 5 5 1
Centuria I really do enjoy the Tempus blend. Better than the Prensado. I mean, then Centuria is a lot of cigar though, so be ready to devote some time. 5 5 1
Centuria Can't go wrong with Alec Bradley cigars. Good quality and a delicious cigar. 5 5 1
Centuria Good consistent smoke. A bit more of a spice to it than I normally enjoy but paired well with whiskey and relaxing. Good evening smoke. 5 5 1
Centuria Good flavor, good construction really good cigar overall and also reasonably priced. Would definitely purchase again 4 5 1
Centuria The AB Tempus is a good stick Has nice transitions with cocoa,cinnamon,cedar and a floral licorice finish. The last third is heavenly. Give them some resting time in your box. Get some. 5 5 1

Alec Bradley Tempus

Centuria 7 × 49 TEMCE5

Alec Bradley Tempus Centuria belongs to a line of handmade premium cigars that received a well-deserved 94-rating from Cigar Afficionado. This award-winning recipe features a stunning, seamless Honduran wrapper, a sturdy Honduran binder, and a core of fully aged Nicaraguan and Honduran long filler tobaccos. This two-nation blend provides a medium to full bodied smoke that delivers warm and inviting flavors of pepper, molasses, leather, roasted nuts, wood, and cream. Order a 10-pack from JR Cigar today, and find out why smokers everywhere love Alec Bradley Tempus cigars.
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