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Latin for “Time”, the Alec Bradley Tempus cigars are a homage to the amount of hours a true cigar craftsman and aficionado dedicates to his craft. Whether the rollers who spend countless hours behind the scenes, or the enthusiasts who spend a lifetime enjoying the art, Alan Rubin felt it was time to honor time spent on cigars. Alec Bradley Tempus cigars are expertly hand rolled using an expertly aged blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan long leaf-fillers grown and cultivated from Cuban seeds, which is then held together by a rich Habano wrapper. Notes of sweet molasses, leather, roasted nuts, and toasted wood are accompanied by hints, for some added kick to each stick. Alan Rubin uses time – aging, perfecting, and skillful blending – as the main ingredient in all his cigars, that truly shines through as soon as you light up the Tempus. The critics agree; this cigar was given a 94 rating from renowned publication Cigar Insider. Try it out for yourself with a single or stock your humidor by purchasing a box from JR Cigars.
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