4.59375 32
Figurado This is a beautiful cigar. Medium full lots of spice great flavor well constructed good burn great draw I recommend 4 5 1
Figurado Usually I like an fenandez products but this one was not what I expected and I have another sitting in humidor maybe it was an age thing 3 5 1
Figurado The cigar is a light bodied beautiful little smoky and a wonderful package it has flavors of Cedar and cinnamon 3 5 1
Figurado Nice flavor with hints of cinnamon pepper and cedar. My wife complemented the aroma of this cigar. My only complaint was that the draw was tough at times. 4 5 1
Figurado AJ Fernandez makes a ton of fantastic sticks and this one is another winner! And it's in a really unique vitola as well which adds an interesting dimension to this smoke 4 5 1
Figurado I love the figured shape of this cigar... it is easy to light which makes enjoying this cigar much more pleasant 5 5 1
Figurado This is a great cigar I love shapes and this one has a great shape good smoking lots of flavor and solid throughout. Easy to light and firm ash 5 5 1
Figurado Great cigar. I had this cigar a while back from a friend and liked it, so I got my own box. 5 5 1
Figurado A very satisfying smoking experience from beginning to end. 5 5 1
Figurado I really like this cigar. It is easy to light as it has a Hemingway tip and an even burn for the most part. It also is a little milder than I prefer, but very good in the flavor department. It also has an even draw and after smoking two boxes, I have yet to run across one that had any flaws. 5 5 1
Figurado I can’t tell you anything about profile, strength, or tasting notes that sheds any further light on these wonderful cigars. What I can relate is that I have smoked seven out of the box of 20. During that combined 14 hours +/- I have not had to re-light, adjust for uneven burn, or struggle with the draw. These are indeed perfectos! 5 5 1
Figurado Another great stick by AJF. Creamy taste on the palate. Notes of nuts, cinnamon and a little pepper throughout the burn. No burn issues. 5 5 1
Figurado This cigar, from start to finish, burns beautifully. I‘ve now gone through at least half the box, and each cigar has been perfect. Great, consistent flavor throughout. This is probably my new favorite smoke. 5 5 1
Figurado Figurado cigars are always rolled better because only upper tier people roll them AJ picks and mixes tobacco really effectively 5 5 1
Figurado Perfect for watching the super bowl game with. Goes with any beer or soda. Love Chex mix with it 5 5 1
Figurado Nice cigar with full flavor and decent construction. Nice draw and a good burn. Very nice. 5 5 1
Figurado Toro is better but if your looking for an easy smoke with a settling taste then this one's perfect. Wouldn't mix with liquor. 4 5 1
Figurado If you like cinnamon and graham crackers this stick is for you. It's beautiful and tasty. Must try. 5 5 1
Figurado Fernandez enclave this cigar tops just about every category great burn timestructure flavorand drawyou have to put this on your must try listrate this a 9.75 out of 10 4 5 1
Figurado The draw was pretty bad on this one not to sure why. Other than that I would highly recommend it. Enjoy 4 5 1
Figurado The enclave is a first time purchase and experience based off of reading the other reviews. I would concur with the other positive reviews that have already been written. The construction is close to perfection. The draw starts off fine then it really opens after about an inch with lots of smoke and a very dynamic tasting experience. It’s absolutely an excellent cigar and would strongly recommend this cigar for any time. Also, great price!!! 5 5 1
Figurado I tried everyone of AJF sticks and always go back to the Enclave Figurado. Never had a bad burn. Medium strength with lots of flavor. Very enjoyable! 5 5 1
Figurado Just the perfect cigar for me. I love the figurado. You just light the tip, and the cigar does the rest. Perfect burn. Perfect construction. Perfect flavor with medium body. I’ve smoked lots of cigars, but I’ve never enjoyed a cigar more than I do the AJ Fernandez Enclave Figurado. 5 5 1
Figurado The Enclave Figurado is one of my favorite cigars. The tip on the end makes it easy to light evenly. The draw of the cigar opens up after the first few minutes of being lit, and the cigar gives a nice medium smoking experience. I have ordered them several times, and have been very satisfied. 5 5 1
Figurado Very good...will order again 5 5 1
Figurado Burns evenly, nice flavor beginning to end, draw is excellent. 5 5 1
Figurado Yes 5 stars. All of what has been written by others about draw etc is true. However, I first had this with a nice South African red, had to give the rest to my wife. Next I poured a few fingers of 12 year Sherry cask Glen. No dice. Now finishing it with Irish whiskey, not a great pair. Maybe an IPA? Rum? Not sure, only got one in a sampler and not enough bottles to figure it our. 5 5 1
Figurado Love the flavor. Good construction and easy draw. JR Cigars never disappoints. Got them on sale just to try them and I would definitely buy them again. 5 5 1
Figurado Nice "go to" cigar. Slow burn, good taste. 5 5 1
Figurado Wish I had bought a box of Private Stock 14. My every day cigars, just wanted to try something different and it was a MISTAKE. Will not stay lit, hard to draw and sloppy ash. Super strong. I also smoke on a regular basis and my choice of strength is medium heavy to heavy so I know what to expect from a heavy cigar. SAVE YOUR MONEY and get a good box of daily smokes. I would like a different box of cigars but, I learned to except my mistakes and learn from it. 2 5 1
Figurado Another box! Very good cigar. 5 5 1
Figurado Just bought two more boxes luckily on sale. Gd even burning smokes 5 5 1

AJ Fernandez Enclave

Figurado 6.50 × 52 AJEF

AJ Fernandez Enclave Figurado is a stunning premium handmade cigar that was developed by AJ Fernandez and his father Ismael. The cigar comes dressed in a rich, reddish brown Habano Rosado wrapper that boasts a nice oily sheen. Underneath is a Camerron binder encasing aged Nicaraguan fillers grown on AJ’s prestigious farm in Estelí, Nicaragua. This is a complex medium-to-full bodied smoke, offering robust tasting notes of pepper, spice, cedar, and cinnamon, before a creamy smooth finish. These top-notch premium cigars were introduced by AJ Fernandez and his father in 2015, and it still remains one of our bestselling Nicaraguan brands. Order a box from JR Cigar today and find out what all the praise is about.

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Habano Rosado




Medium - Full


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