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Seven Wonders Sampler Purchased this sampler on sale, as a trial. Have not tried flavored cigars previously. The roll was perfect and the wrapper was flawless and well done. The flavors, however, are questionable. All were, to different degrees, suckig on a perfume bottle. Was not satisfying and several times needed to resort to a regular cigar immediately after, for satisfaction. Probably a good smoke for a female, but for regular guys who partake on a regular basis,stay with a good Dominican or Nicaraguan. Rating was given entirely on the manufacturing process. Do not recommend. 2 5 1
Seven Wonders Sampler All were exactly as expected, would have been 5 stars, but one cigar was not rolled well. Inside was loose, outside was too tight. Halfway through the cigar the smoke was too hot. Was a fantastic cigar till that point. 4 5 1
Seven Wonders Sampler Very sweet cigars,tobacco probably sprayed with sugar water,I don't believe their statement that they are aged in a secret room with herbs and botanical. Pleasant smoke but will not buy again. 4 5 1
Seven Wonders Sampler Tried these only once. Didn't get through the entire thing. Not much on flavored cigars. Draw was horrible. Way to tight and got hot in the middle. I'll stick to my regular cigars. Won't be buying again and if you're a regular smoker....steer clear.... 2 5 1
Seven Wonders Sampler I smoke Drew Estate Tabak Especial on a regular basis and decided to try this sampler. All of the cigars burned perfectly with good draws, nice ash and perfect burns. Flavors on all of them were different, an acquired taste and good for a change of pace or for some of us a regular smoke too. For the money, in my opinion a good value. 5 5 1
Seven Wonders Sampler My guilty pleasure for when I have the extra scratch. By far my favorite for a higher dollar (for me anyway) stogie. Will be buying more in the future 5 5 1
Seven Wonders Sampler It was my first time purchasing the variety pack of acids. Highly recommend. Very smooth and sweet. New to smoking cigars and so far these are my favorite. 5 5 1
Seven Wonders Sampler Bought the variety pack for the first time. I’m new to cigars and these taste amazing. Definitely recommend. They were very smooth . 5 5 1
Seven Wonders Sampler Amazing pack 5 5 1
Seven Wonders Sampler Took a bit to work through this sampler, turns out some of the most popular ones are, at least for me, not as good as some of the lesser known ones. Had a few nice surprise. Overall they are all good in their own way if you are into flavors. I am not so much to be honest but wanted to see what the big deal was. Glad I got it though. Construction varied a bit, but good. Draw was very good. Flavors are all over due to the sampler nature, but gives you a nice variety. Really just depends what you are into. Worth a shot! There are two I may buy again, but glad I tried them all. 4 5 1
Seven Wonders Sampler This is a great sampler from Drew Estate. I believe, though, it has been discontinued. So if you want to try it, you better act before the current inventory is gone. 5 5 1


Seven Wonders Sampler AC7WND

ACID Seven Wonders Sampler consists of 7 premium cigars that feature the finest aged long-filler tobaccos infused with exotic herbs, spices, and rare botanicals that defy the guidelines of traditional blending. Produced by Drew Estate in Nicaragua, this top-notch ACID assortment includes 1- cigar each of the Kuba Kuba Maduro, Blondie Belicoso, Deep Dish, ACID One, Atom Maduro, and Liquid. These enormously popular blends, in different, shapes, sizes, aromas, and strength profiles give you the full range of the unique and tantalizing ACID experience. Although not for everyone, the ACID Seven Wonders Sampler is a great choice for adventurous smokers looking to step out of their comfort zone and take a brief departure from their standard non-aromatic blends. Order yours from JR Cigar today before all the diehard ACID fans scoop them all up!

ACID Seven Wonders Sampler contains:
1 - ACID Blondie Belicoso (5 x 54)
1 - ACID One (5 x 54)
1 - ACID Kuba Kuba (5 x 54)
1 - ACID Liquid (5 x 50)
1 - ACID Kuba Kuba Maduro (5 x 54)
1 - ACID Deep Dish (5 x 58)
1 - ACID Atom Maduro (5 x 50)

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