4.4 10
Purple Plush Best infused cigar acid has come out with yet. And I'm a acid fan. If you like Kuba Kubas you will love this cigar. 4 5 1
Purple Plush Nice flavor. 4 5 1
Purple Plush Loved the clove flavor and smell of this stick 4 5 1
Purple Plush Started with abrasive saccharin sweetness. Feels more artificial than a Kuba Kuba, which I do like. It started burning unevenly after the first 3rd. Thankfully this was a free sample, but I did not have a good experience. It could be great if you want something sweeter than a Kuba Kuba, but definitely went past my comfort zone. If I had to find one redeeming quality, the draw was good. 2 5 1
Purple Plush One of the best maduros in the Acid line. The Purple Plush starts with a mouth full of flavor, then settles down quickly into a smooth satisfying zen full moment; believe me you will come out the other side a better, more relaxed person. 5 5 1
Purple Plush This cigar type is a different monster by it self. The aroma of it, it’s exquisite! I do understand if you are a regular cigar smoker this taste might come as too sweet. I really enjoy the cigar. I smoke one almost daily. The smoke it produces is mesmerizing. Taste is great. It did damage my palate a bit since now all other cigar taste a bit unpleasant. Definitely a well made cigar. 5 5 1
Purple Plush After several months in my “Acid” humidor the plush is a smooth med-full premium smoke that really goes well with Red Breast, Laphroaig & Balvenie Week of Peat! 5 5 1
Purple Plush I think Acids are underrated due to the “infusion stigma.” I have a humidor for Acid only and I’m convinced that Acids are made of some of the world’s best leaves, I’m partial to Nicaraguan tobacco. After a few months resting these cigars are fantastic, especially Plush. I can’t describe the hints & notes cuz I’m just a redneck, but IMO there’s no better cigar to pair with a Laphroaig or Red Breast. Full bodied & full flavor and the tobacco isn’t overpowered by the botanicals. Earthiness, 20, Ripcord & Nasty are other favorites. 5 5 1
Purple Plush One of the best I haven’t been smoking for that long I’ve been trying all the different flavors I really love the blue line but when I tried this purple plush what an amazing flavor very smooth definitely stocking up on this one 5 5 1
Purple Plush Got a couple of these in a variety pack and I have to say that the quality and construction of Acid cigars is some of the best I’ve ever seen. Every now and then when I want a little something different, I pick up a couple. My go to has always been the kuba kuba, from now on it’ll be the plush. Just an amazing all around cigar 5 5 1


Purple Plush 5.50 × 50 ACPLU

ACID Purple Plush cigars start with in an earthy San Andres maduro wrapper, over robust Nicaraguan binder and fillers. Then, each cigar is generously infused with the brands signature spices, herbs, and botanical oil flavorings to offer an exotically delicious cigar that is unlike any other. Partake in the ACID experience the next time you buy cigars online right here at JR Cigars.

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