4.379310344827586 29
Gold Toast The Toast is appropriately named a smooth but fuller flavor filled with a nice spicy warm cinnamon profile. Really one of my favorites from the ACID line. Not as sweet as the blue series. As always the expert DE construction with perfect draw and tons of smoke. 5 5 1
Gold Toast I'm starting to get disappointed in Drew Estate. The Toast is my absolute favorite of the ACID line and quality control seems to have dropped way off. The last three I've had have either canoed or tunneled and no amount of correction seems to fix it. They need to step it up. This is a fantastic cigar usually and if the quality drops off any more I'll have to stop getting them. 3 5 1
Gold Toast I bought a 5 pack of these on a whim. I never thought I would enjoy an Acid cigar; Always thought myself a traditional cigar smoker. Boy was I wrong. These are wonderful morning cigars. Very tasty. I'm sold. Bought a box a few weeks ago. Solid well made stick that almost overwhelms you with it's flavors. 5 5 1
Gold Toast This has a nice herbal flavor from be infusion that is complemented by the tobacco flavor that is very smooth. Not a favorite but still a good stick 5 5 1
Gold Toast the acid toast well to me just was not good ive tried all of them just one of the worstvi have had 2 5 1
Gold Toast Got a couple of the's in a sampler .really good flavor you almost just want to chew on it great job drew estates.. 5 5 1
Gold Toast Acid cigars are always great when you want a dessert cigar. Always sweet and well made. Draws well and burns even. 5 5 1
Gold Toast The Toast is my favorite cigar from all the Acid lines. It's not overpowered with aromatics and has a creamy slightly fruity taste. Definitely recommend! 5 5 1
Gold Toast I've had the Toast a few times now and never disappointed. Myself being a semi-new smoker I don't have much to compare it to but I was introduced to and fell in love with the Acid Kuba Kuba. Compared to the Kuba Kuba the Toast is less sweet but equally enjoyable. The draw is perfect with plenty of smoke output. The taste is very enjoyable with a clean finish. ( I guess in newbie speak I mean to say it doesn't bomb my mouth with heavy peppery smoke and it didn't leave my mouth tasting like ashtray lol ). I suppose the only think I have a (small) problem with and the reason I didn't give it five stars across the board is that the Toast along with the handful of others I've tried in the Acid line seem to unravel too easily. Not a huge problem for me and certainly not enough reason to not come back for more!! 4 5 1
Gold Toast At first I'll admit the sweetness threw me. It's almost like they dipped the wrapper in some magic sugar solution but after the first puff I was hooked. The aroma and taste was absolutely like nothing I've smoked. Maybe hints of vanilla or spices I honestly don't know and don't care because it was heaven. Super by itself as a daily smoker or after an expensive meal. Heck after a cheap meal this cigar would do the trick. Picking up a box and making it a staple in my repertoire. 5 5 1
Gold Toast It's a decent cigar with a mild aftertaste that's a little bit sweet. I would recommend it with an adult beverage. 5 5 1
Gold Toast The best morning cigar with coffee it tastes that good! The flavors your tastebuds will experience will be like no other ever experienced there that good! I have long supply of these tasty sticks! Awesome job Drew Estate and Acid forever! 5 5 1
Gold Toast Bought a box. Smells great and tastes great. My favorite cigar of all !! 5 5 1
Gold Toast I won these in an auction and was quite surprised by the sweet taste and flavor. I normally would not have tried those, but was pleasantly surprised. 5 5 1
Gold Toast Not sure why but this is an awesome early morning smoke. Great flavor. Nice even burn. Slower burn for more enjoyment. Breakfast toast 5 5 1
Gold Toast I was surprised by the nice draw and consistency. I got a sampler with this and I'm just not a fan of the flavor. It tastes too much like a chemical to me. 4 5 1
Gold Toast Amazing construction! Easy draw and flawless sweet wrapper. Burn was slow and even. Ash was solid and white. Lots of smoke. Flavor was mild. Creamy with a hint if spice. Very good cigar. Smoked it to a nub. 5 5 1
Gold Toast Probably my favorite so far of the Acid line. I could do without the sugar cap. 3 5 1
Gold Toast Out of all the Acid line I've attempted to smoke trying my best to see if there is a difference. The Toast is the worst one. It has construction and draw issues on top of tasting horrible. 2 5 1
Gold Toast One of my favorites. A go to at anytime. Smooth full of flavor. I always look forward to lighting one of these babies up. I've had very very few issues with these and I have gone through a number of boxes 4 5 1
Gold Toast Excellent cigar with a nice taste on your lips. Burns evenly. My favorite cigar by far! 5 5 1
Gold Toast Another very nice stick from ACID. Usually smoke the KUBA KUBA but found the Gold Toast to be just as desirable. Great flavor, draw, and construction throughout the entire burn. Will be purchasing more from ACID ( Drew Estates). 5 5 1
Gold Toast Very relaxing , smooth taste 4 5 1
Gold Toast Inconsistent wrapping. Many were wrapped too tight to even light properly, making for a very difficult draw. On several the wrapper started to peel away as soon as the end was cut. 1 5 1
Gold Toast Very tasty. Smooth. 5 5 1
Gold Toast The Accid Toast has become one of my favorites. It's mellow with a good burn on spot to the end. A sweet spicy citrus flavor that is just great. If you looking for a mellow cigar with a flavor this is it. 5 5 1
Gold Toast Great flavor tones for a quiet relaxing smoke. I smoke these when alone and not entertaining anyone but myself. 5 5 1
Gold Toast Flavor is amazing and burns pretty good too! 5 5 1
Gold Toast The name of this cigar says it all. Toasty is tasty! 5 5 1


Gold Toast 6 × 50 ACT5

ACID Gold Toast cigars are a popular choice for ACID fans looking for a fuller medium to full bodied profile and a slightly more traditional taste. This premium cigar is rolled in a 6 x50 format with Drew Estate’s signature blend of aged Nicaraguan tobaccos . Then, a lush, deep -brown Connecticut shade wrapper is applied that imparts a toasty, earthy, and nutty tobacco flavor that never dominates but complements the secret blend of herbs, oils, and spices within.
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Medium - Full


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