4.2745098039215685 51
Gold Atom Maduro Very flavorful cigar nice draw very consistent burn all the way to stub a 4 out of 5 cigar. 5 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro It’s a really nice cigar. Everything is I recommend for begginers 4 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro Another great and very flavorful stick from Acid. This particular stick is one you must try!! It’s like a flavor bomb from the first draw to the last. Love the berry and fruit flavors of the smoke and the aroma just makes it that much more enticing. Acid is my go to for flavored sticks!!! 5 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro Probably my favorite cigar Acid has ever produced. Incredible flavor great aroma and surprisingly complex. Do yourself a favor and grab one. 5 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro For a flavored cigar of its size I will give it credit for having a nice original taste 4 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro I only smoked this cigar once about two years ago. I was a newbie to cigar smoking. The draw and consistency was great. However I wasn't expecting such a full citrus taste. 4 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro Infused cigars can be hit or miss for me but this one is definitely a HIT! Left a little sweetness on my lip which was pleasant. I'm not a huge fan of the mega-infused cigars and this was not overpowering. The Maduro wrapper definitely added to the good flavor. Got on an auction so good value too. Would snag again one of my new faves. A tiny bit tight/dry so I'm looking forward to how they taste after being in the humidor a while. 4 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro This is one of my favorites from the Acid line. It's spicy and leathery with a great draw and even better burn. This pairs nicely with a nice glass of bourbon on the rocks. 4 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro Acid nightmare. I can't get over the nasty chemical smell of the Acid line. The Gold is no exception to that. 2 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro Acid makes quality infused cigars. Good overall flavor and Construction. Consistency is top notch. Awesome cigars 4 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro These beauties have a pleasant draw and stayed even. Leaves a nice flavor throughout! 4 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro Good flavor but burn is uneven and tends to go out a lot. I’ve been disappointed with these lately. 4 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro Without question, one of the best if not the best non Cuban cigar I’ve had in years. I will be buying many, many more. There is nothing I didn’t like about this cigar. I am NOT a fan of the name “ acid” and didn’t buy it for years based on the name. This all changed. Forget the name. Remember the pure enjoyment. Excellent. Pure and simple. 5 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro I love good flavor and Smells good 5 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro Great smoke.. 5 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro Has a real good taste with a aroma. It is one of my favorites so far ! 4 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro As usual with Acid, the flavor and aroma is absolutely awesome! And the smoke output is great! 5 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro That Acids are just really well made and super flavorful cigars they are everything you would want in a flavor infused cigar. I haven’t had one that I thought didn’t taste great!! 4 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro This Cigar was new to me and figured I would branch out a little... This was a huge mistake... The sweetness reminds me a a cheap swisher sweet cigar and the aroma of an old mans moldy cologne. I tried to continue with the stick but could not. The only satisfaction I got from it is knowing I only bought the five pack and will just throw them away. If this is what Acid cigars are about then i want nothing from it. 2 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro Normally not a fan of the flavored smokes.......But this one seems about right. Used a punch for the first one and the draw was poor....Cut the rest and they were great. 4 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro I've had a few boxes of these as they are my go to smoke..never had a single issue. Love acid 5 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro It is a nice drawing cigar with a medium body smoke. As always a nice aroma surprise from Drew Estates. The Blondie is still my number one go to cigar but this one is a good change at the same time. Yes I would recommend this. 4 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro No surprise that these are one of my favorite smokes Acid never lets me down, Love the taste and aroma of the infused coffee and chocolate along with the other herbal flavors 4 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro I really like just about all the Acid cigars, but so far of the ones I’ve tried this is definitely my favorite 5 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro The Acid brand continues to impress with each new cigar I try. 5 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro ...and then it burns forever! 5 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro As a fan of Drew Estates and with a nice variety of sticks in my humidor the Gold Atom Maduro has become my most favorite. While I do enjoy sampling other cigars I always come back to the perfect cigar for me... the Gold Atom Maduro. 5 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro Perfect for after dinner.. 5 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro Great mild cigar. 4 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro What a pleasure these are; easy draw, great taste and beautifully constructed. I have many Drew Estate offerings from JR and can with no hesitation this is one of the best - very highly recommended. 5 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro Great taste for a morning cigar along with a coffee or if you are into infused cigar you are going to love the flavors very oily well constructed nice draw 5 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro I actually like these when I’m in the mood for a lighter smoke with a dark look. Sweet, fruity, great draw and burn. One of my favs from Acid! 4 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro I like these even more than Kuba. More tobacco taste. 5 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro A tasty smoke from start to finish!! 5 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro I always have this in my humidor, great taste from start to finish and thick smoke. A little tight draw mid way so I always use my punch to fix that. 5 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro Another quality cigar from the Acid line up. The Atom has a medium to full flavor infused sweetness. This cigar is for all you haters/doubters who think Acids are for girls. 5 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro Love these. More tobacco taste than Kuba. If I was rich I’d buy them more often! 5 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro Nice sweet start that fades slightly so that you can taste the actual tobacco. Easy draw. No burn issues. Lots of smoke. I find it more of a medium bodied smoke. 5 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro Very sweet at the start (like the kuba), but the sweetness fades and you get some really great tobacco for the rest of the smoke. a sollid medium strength with the cloying sweetness of most acids. A small amount of spice, with coco/cafe up front. My favorite of all the acids, this is more traditional than the other acids. If getting an old timer (anti acid smoker) to try acid for the first time, give this one a try. Consistent build, draw, and burn. 4 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro This is a unique Acid cigar. The maduro wrapper adds to the great flavor of this cigar. The standard Acid flavor is not as strong as other varieties, but still a good representation. 5 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro It's so sweet and smells so delicious imma bout to buy some more 5 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro This is a well constructed cigar with a great draw and even burn. But I didn’t like the taste. I still have to give this a great review because of the quality of this cigar. It’s definitely worth buying and trying so you can make your own opinion on this one. 4 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro This was my first dive into the line of ACID. I've been told by several friends to try them, any of them. So, I tried the the Gold Atom Maduro. Wow, I'm sold! I've tried the Blondies and they're great, as well. Gonna try the Kuba next. Can't wait to try them ALL! Grab one, you'll fall in love with them. 5 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro Im a big fan of J&R and Mike Acardi thanks for the service 5 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro I gave this one 4 stars before. I purchased another 5 pack as nd left them in my humidor for a few weeks and wow the flavor really came out. A must have in the humidor. 5 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro As soon as I get a smoke I smell it to get a sense of its quality and to see if it’s fresh, etc. I did that with this one as well. I haven’t smoked one yet, but probably will come Sunday or Monday. But if the aroma is any indication, this is one odd (to say the least) cigar that I have in my collection. Granted, it’s only a few and the price was relatively good. But the aroma of all, every single one of them, was off a talcum-like perfume that you would rather come across behind a woman’s ear, etc. I’ve never before smelled anything like this from a cigar. Was it the roller? Was the individual sporting perfume that infiltrated the cigars? Man, I really HOPE that they don’t taste like they smell. That rating has to be a one. Consistency, since they all spelled the same, also a one. The other categories relate to how it smoked, etc., so those aren't given as of yet. Boy, this is a strange one. 1 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro .... since they all smelled the same.... Stupid autocorrect 1 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro I wrote a review on the aroma alone (as I always check the aroma the moment I get any cigar). But that review doesn't appear to have been posted. Hmmmm. The aroma was just terrible. It smelled of talcum baby powder and woman's perfume. The taste (i smoked my first and last one) was equally bad. First, the construction was iffy at best. The cut end (where the roller slices of the excess and you light it) was way jagged and almost torn off. The draw wasn't bad. The flavor itself, leaves LOADS to be desired from my perspective. Just licking the endcap before cutting it off gave a taste of bubblegum and soap. The wrapper or binder or something must be dipped in a solution of who-knows-what. Each time you take a draw, the bubblegum and soap taste masks what the tobacco is supposed to portray. Granted, these stogies may have some "herbs" added to them, but to turn what could've been an enjoyable smoke into a "bubblegum cigarette" (remember those from yore?) is just a waste. It's like they got tired of making great Bordeaux and Burgundy so they had to experiment and they wound up with White Zinfandel. Yeah, it's a moneymaker, but boy is it crap. 1 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro I bought a 5-pack. Not impressed. Very sweet from start to finish, not that that's bad, just is. It is peppery, as well. Construction is not that good. I lost the end cap shortly after lighting up. It burned fast creating a rather hot smoke. It could have been rolled tighter. It wasn't a terrible smoke. But I won't be replacing these once I've smoked the rest. 3 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro I love the Acid brand!!! The draw was so smooth , and the construction was great. I bought the 5 pack to make sure I would enjoy them, and they exceeded my expectations. My first favorite was the Kuba Kuba, and in my opinion, these are equally as wonderful. 5 5 1
Gold Atom Maduro these are great smokers after a big fillet off the grill, or just sitting around and enjoying 5 5 1


Gold Atom Maduro 5 × 50 ACAT3

The ACID Gold Atom Maduro features Drew Estate's top secret blend of herbs, oils, and botanicals, but unlike many other ACID cigars, the taste of the tobacco is much more dominant. This is due to the hearty maduro wrapper and a choice blend of Cuban-seed Nicaraguan long-filler tobaccos.

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