3.8461538461538463 26
Earthiness This smoke is just to mild but fkavorvfor me but it is still a ok smoke 3 5 1
Earthiness It’s okay! I think acid cigars are overpriced. I would select another cigar at this price point. 4 5 1
Earthiness I’m generally not a huge fan of infused cigars but I keep this guy on hand for when the mood strikes for something a little different. It’s got a nice balance of sweetness spice cedar and of cours some earthiness as the name implies. 4 5 1
Earthiness I wouldn't let anybody finish this stick if I seen them smoking it. Smack it out of there hands and step on it. Smells and tasted like a perfume flavored dead rat 1 5 1
Earthiness Well... Not the best. It was kind of overbearing and underwhelming at the same time. Just super herbal and fruity. 4 5 1
Earthiness Acid is one of the can't lose picks Earthy is medium bodied infused goodness that is more fruity than earthy but not too sweet 5 5 1
Earthiness No earthy taste here. Never had an Acid that was good but I try them with hope! Overpowering...good draw & so so construction. Burn was ok with slight surgery needed. 4 5 1
Earthiness This is another great smoke from drew estates. .if your into infused can't go wrong great construction flavor an draw to the end 5 5 1
Earthiness I love free estates and this is a nice cigar as well. I whiny this cigar at night with my fire pit. 4 5 1
Earthiness One of absoluteliest NASTIEST cigar I've ever attempted to smoke. I made it to the half way point before I nearly lost my breakfast. It smell like a paper mill. 1 5 1
Earthiness I love this hipster cigar! It reminds me of the 60’s! It is hip cool and a great after beer cigar! This is a true classic 5 5 1
Earthiness The ACID Earthiness is surprisingly is a really strong cigar flavor is ok with some pepper. 3 5 1
Earthiness My opinion all acids are good one of my first cigars one of the reasons I keep trying different cigars. 5 5 1
Earthiness Good tobacco flavor with some what I would call savory earthy tones. Its pretty hard to beat drew estate for quality even if you aren't accustomed to the flavors. This is more in line with a typical cigar and would be a good choice for those who are unsure of flavored cigars. 5 5 1
Earthiness Ok cigar one I really enjoy if it's the last in the humidor. Not a typical go to stick but on occasion they are ok. 4 5 1
Earthiness First cigar I got a headache from. And honestly a disappointment as I am a big drew estates fan. Kuba Kuba 1400cc. I mean the first cigar I smoked was a cold tea infusion. This one just didn’t hit the muster 3 5 1
Earthiness Acid earthiness is a Good cigar from Acid a lot of earth leather and pepper thirt terce is one of The Best great value 4 5 1
Earthiness I have yet to find an acid cigar that I like. Sweetened cigars are of but it seems that acid takes it a little to far and blows out all the tobacco flavors by over doing it 3 5 1
Earthiness After a while I can’t differentiate the flavors. The aromas May be different but the flavors taste the same. The construction is always good. Draw is good. But if you smoke often you might be disappointed. 3 5 1
Earthiness The Acids always start out so flavorful then the flavor dies of to a normal mild cigar. The Earthiness was tasty at first. 5 5 1
Earthiness This cigar is OK but without fireworks. Taste is Good construction and consistency too. In my opinion 8/10 4 5 1
Earthiness These acid earthness is like smoking dirt just was not good at all have to say big disappointment inmy opinion 2 5 1
Earthiness Like most acid products had good spice. Not too heavy. Good burn. Only issue was it burned a little too fast 5 5 1
Earthiness Infused with exotic oils this is nit your normal cigar. Smoked great tasted great and was well made. 4 5 1
Earthiness My buddy likes the acid series but i find them a tad bit too sweet. Smokes great but im not into the fusion cigars 5 5 1
Earthiness The noted Earthiness doesn’t come through for me; I get a smooth classic ACID taste in a corona. Overall well constructed, tasty 20 minute escape from reality. 5 5 1


Earthiness 5 × 42 ACEAR5

ACID Earthiness is yet another enormously popular premium cigar from Drew Estate that defies the age old guidelines of tradition cigar blending. Acid Earthiness is a classic 5 x 42 corona sized, full-bodied cigar made with a top-quality Sumatra wrapper and a blend of robust Nicaraguan filler tobaccos. These tobaccos are infused with botanicals, herbs, and essential oils, that sets ACID apart from any other brand on the market. This secret formula offers smokers an authentic earthy, peppery, flavor with hints of clove dried fruit, and cinnamon. Although an acquired taste for many of the more traditional cigar fans, ACID Earthiness will provide the adventurous smoker with a tapestry of uniquely delicious flavors that helped coined this iconic Nicaraguan brand “The Rebirth of the Cigar.
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