3.3333333333333335 6
Nuclear Won these bad boys on beat the dealer. . Very good smoke. Great flavor. Highly recommend these. I will definitely purchase these in the future 4 5 1
Nuclear This is one of my favorite smokes. Very strong not for the meek. Spicy good flavor. I smoke these right down to the nub. The construction is good smokes straight long ash. I recommend these for the smoker who is looking for strong cigar. I bet these would rock with a 101 rum and coke. 4 5 1
Nuclear As the box clearly indicates, this is not for a novice smoker. I finished the last box 6 months after s purchase. although good 6 months ago, they have improved with age, as most men do. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND these be purchased well in advance of their consumption to gain the best experience and flavor. The problem is they are good immediately, it takes discipline to not smoke them before 6 months. I’m hoping to keep at least 5 for a year. 5 5 1
Nuclear Not a good tasting stick. Tasted much like dirt hot dirt. Not peppery at all. 3 5 1
Nuclear Just received my box of 10 - cracked opened the box and fired one up - nice even burn so far - enjoyable smoke... 3 5 1
Nuclear more charcoal tasting garbage 1 5 1

601 La Bomba

Nuclear 6 × 50 LABNU

601 La Bomba Nuclear is a 6 x 50 premium cigar handmade at the renowned La Zona factory in Nicaragua. These explosively delicious cigars are the brainchild of Erik Espinosa, brand owner of 601 cigars, and a famed master blender who has worked with Drew Estate, Alec Bradley, and Gurkha, on several of their most notable blends. the 601 La Bomba Nuclear is a Nicaraguan puro featuring a very full-bodied strength profile and a powerful blend of top-quality long-filler ligero leaf finished with an oily Habano-seed EMS wrapper. Made with well-seasoned smokers in mind, the 601 La Bomba Nuclear unleashes a bold, yet balanced blend with blasts of peppery spice, earth, leather, and charred wood, making it a popular choice for full-bodied-cigar fans in search of a smoke that is both potent and highly flavorful at the same time.

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