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Every cigar under the 601 brand name is a top-quality handmade premium created by Erik Espinosa, a tobacco-industry veteran who has worked with many of the cigar world’s most innovative and edgy (Drew Estate, Alec Bradley, and Gurkha, to name a few).

Crafted at Espinosa's La Zona factory in Nicaragua, the handmade premium 601 La Bomba cigar is a powerhouse pigtailed puro that promises a real blast for fans of a full-bodied strength profile! This ligero-laced line is built of all-Nicaraguan leaf, including an invitingly oily Habano-seed wrapper featured on all 601 La Bomba cigars except for the limited-edition Warhead. While it is seriously strong, the 601 La Bomba's premium long-filler tobacco blend is also savory and subtly sweet with bold yet balanced blasts of hot peppery spice and rich, hearty hints of cocoa.

When shopping for a potent and palate-pleasing handmade premium while buying cigars online, take a look at the 601 La Bomba brand featuring a big, bold blend of long-filler ligero leaf that dares the seasoned cigar smokers to light its fuse.

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