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Futuro is the future of cigars! This new brand was a joint effort between Kyle Gellis of Warped and Max Fernández of Aganorsa, both two big names in the industry. The duo set out to create a premium cigar that was very unique and unlike any other cigar in Warped’s portfolio or ones typically made by Casa Fernández.

With painstaking attention to detail and quality, the Futuro features a Nicaraguan Criollo ’98 binder, Nicaraguan Criollo’98 and Corojo 99 filler tobaccos. Resting on top of these exceptional leaves is an eye-catching Nicaraguan Corojo’99 wrapper that is oily, seamless, and smooth to the feel. Each size is offered in sliding-lid boxes of 20, and offers unparalleled complexity, depth, and a medium to full-bodied flavor profile, thanks to the procurement of the finest aged tobaccos.

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