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Warped was started by Kyle Gellis a native of upstate New York, who at a very early age developed a passion for cigars thanks to his father’s love of the leaf. As he grew older, Gellis decided he wanted to learn the cigar industry inside out. Finally, after years of learning the trade in a local factory in Little Havana he was ready to make his own name.

The year was 2009, when Kyle and company began making their own brands for local Miami smokers.

Today, Warped cigars are still being made in Miami at El Titan de Bronze, the legendary Calle Ocho factory where all the rollers are experts who trained and worked in Cuban cigar factories in Cuba. This makes Warped as close as you can get to the real deal and remain legal. Not following the current trend of giant ring gauges, Kyle makes all of his cigars in the classic sizes that Americans enjoyed in the good old pre-embargo days.

El Oso, Spanish for “the Bear”, is a complex, full-bodied Small Batch boutique blend made at the esteemed El Titan de Bronze factory in the historic neighborhood of Little Havana in Miami. Rolled by true category 9 cigar rollers from Havana, Cuba, each El Oso utilizes true Cuban technique, such as entubado bunching and the classic Cuban triple cap.

Flor Del Valle is rolled in the renowned Casa Fernandez factory in Nicaragua. This is a medium-bodied puro that also utilizes the exact same Cuban production techniques as the El Oso. The Valle is a medium-bodied smoke full of peppery sweet spice flavors.

The extremely limited production La Colmena cigars are triple capped pig-tailed beauties brimming with that classic Habano style flavor. Only true category 9 rollers all hailing from Cuba fashion this luxury blend.

Instead of trying to stand out from the crowd, Warped Cigars are setting a new standard in the boutique market by creating ultra-traditional, classic Cuban style cigars with the same shapes and sizes that were very popular many generations ago.

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