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Tatuaje Miami is a limited-edition line of premium handmade cigars produced by Pete Johnson and rolled in Miami under the supervision of industry legend Don "Pepin" Garcia. The blends feature a variety of Cuban-seed Nicaraguan tobaccos harvested from several prized vintage years finished with either an oily reddish-hue Ecuadorian, or a dark brown Nicaraguan wrapper. This eclectic assortment of top-quality smokes ranges from medium to full body, all boasting the quality, great taste, and consistency, serious cigar enthusiasts have come to expect from the Tatuaje brand. Sparingly made in small-batch quantities, every cigar in the Miami line is in high demand and short supply, so when you find the style and size you prefer, be sure to order them quickly before they are all gone.

Note: Please be advised that Tatuaje Cigars is currently experiencing a box production shortage. Products may come in bundles.

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