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To enjoy the rich flavors of Perdomo at a shockingly affordable price, Perdomo Lot 23 cigars are what you need for your humidor. As Perdomo Cigars was growing following the 1990s cigar boom and the turn of the millennium, Perdomo Cigars owners Nick Perdomo Sr. and Jr. found a particularly fertile plot in Nicaragua’s Esteli region and would soon become Lot 23 of Perdomo’s expansive growing operations.

For Perdomo Lot 23 cigars, almost every leaf of each cigar is sourced exclusively from that lush Esteli farm. These tobaccos grown on the Lot 23 farm were aged for an extensive five years prior to rolling and serve as the long fillers and binder for a trio of top-quality blends.

First up is the Lot 23 Connecticut, the only blend to feature leaf sourced from beyond Lot 23 with a gorgeous golden-blonde Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. The result is an incredibly smooth mellow-medium bodied smoke brimming with notes of cedar, honey, coffee, baking spice, and cream, the perfect smoke for putting a little pep in your step at the beginning of the day. For a closer look, check out our Perdomo Lot 23 Connecticut review on The Blending Room here!

Next is the Lot 23 Sun Grown. Over the same of Nicaraguan long filler and binder tobaccos sits a Nicaraguan Sun Grown wrapper that has also been aged for 5 years and sourced from Lot 23. A notch up in the body, these medium-bodied gems deliver a rich and balanced medley of coffee, spice, roasted nuts, earth, and charred wood that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Last but certainly not least is the Lot 23 Maduro, which, as you can guess, is donned with a dusky 5-year aged Nicaraguan Maduro wrapper. With bold, rich medium-full bodied flavors of chocolate, leather, nuts, espresso, oak, and tobacco sweetness, the Lot 23 Maduro makes a great after-dinner smoke.

Each blend is offered in many popular sizes, and each box features a vista artistically depicting the Lot 23 farm in Esteli. Order your box of 24 Perdomo Lot 23 cigars online from JR today!

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