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The long awaited maduro masterpiece has finally arrived!

Nick Perdomo has a very keen eye for gathering the leaf from a perfect crop year and let it simmer to bring out the very best flavors. And he has done it once again. Now, after over a decade of waiting, we finally welcome Perdomo Habano Bourbon Barrel Aged Maduro cigars. Perdomo uses a two part aging process. First, the leaf is bale-aged for ten years, and then it is fermented in oak bourbon barrels for another two years. The faint bourbon remnants that remained in the barrel result in a taste that is exceedingly flavorful. Underneath this lightly bourbon infused maduro wrapper, lays Nicaraguan long-fillers especially grown on the rich volcanic soil found on the Perdomo farm. These aged beauties have been fermenting since 2001 and boast exceptional texture and aroma this process ensures that the crop from 2001 has impeccable color, texture, aroma, and flavor. The maduro variation is loaded with flavor notes of dark chocolate, licorice, sweet cocoa, and espresso, resulting in a sumptuous smoke. This wonderful maduro cigar offers a memorable smoking experience.

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