The Perdomo Connoisseur Collection is not one single line of handmade premium cigars, but rather it features four distinct lines of enormously popular blends. These fantastic samplers, sold in individual packs of 12, will allow you try the award-winning original Epicure, Epicure SunGrown, Epicure Connecticut, and Epicure Maduro cigars. In addition to these magnificent blends, a fourth collection known as “Award Winning” includes Perdomo’s highest-rated and award-winning cigars. Each cigar in this fantastic series ranges in strength from smooth and mellow to a bolder “Cubanesque” experience, all expertly rolled to perfection under the watchful eye of brand owner Nick Perdomo. Each sampler boasts a variety of rich-tasting cigars made with the finest tobaccos grown in Perdomo's own modern, state-of-the-art tobacco fields, all expertly aged and rolled with top-grade wrappers in various delectable shades. The attractive, eye-catching packaging, also make the Perdomo Connoisseur Collection a great gift idea, but just like every Perdomo creation , you’ll most likely want to smoke them all on your own. Order your favorites from JR Cigar today, and find out why Perdomo cigars have found a permanent home in many thousands of smokers’ humidors.
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