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First launched in the mid-1980s, the original Maria Mancini cigars have remained one of our oldest and most trusted, JR exclusive Honduran brands. Featured in two wrapper shades, these box-pressed beauties covered by a very flavorful H2000 wrapper, provide delicious tasting notes of leather, earth, cedar, coffee, and spice. When covered by the jet- black Costa Rican maduro varietal, the cigars bring new expressions of flavor that includes black pepper, earth, chocolate, and espresso. Ether way, you will enjoy a wonderful, flawlessly rolled medium-to full bodied smoke that far exceeds its modest price point. Two decades later, and riding on the heels of the original Honduran brands continuing success, the company finally set up shop in Nicaragua and released the long -awaited Maria Mancini Limited Edition cigars. Available in just one (6 x 50) box-pressed Toro, the blend is composed of a silky-smooth Costa Rican EMS wrapper surrounding aged Nicaraguan binder and long filler tobacco. The cigars have the same medium-to-full bodied strength profile as their Honduran counterparts, but offer their own unique and captivating flavors of white pepper, dark roast coffee, cinnamon, and cream. Today, with both Honduran and Nicaraguan cigar blends to choose from, the famous Maria Mancini brand is poised to offer an unrivaled smoking experience for many years to come.

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