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The highly rated JR exclusive Maria Mancini cigar has been a top seller for more than twenty-five years. Featured in two shades, the Cuban-style, box-pressed smoke with a very flavorful H2000 wrapper is creamy, dense, well packed, and loaded with spicy and peppery components, while the jet- black Costa Rican maduro wrappers introduce some chocolate and espresso notes into the mix. Now, for the first time, and after many years, this famous Honduran marque has two exciting new premium line extensions. Crafted with rare vintage tobaccos, the brand has ventured into the small batch arena with the Maria Mancini Limited Edition. Long filler tobaccos perfectly aged in harmony combine to give you a very extraordinary medium to full-bodied smoke that will make a lasting impression. Also on deck is Maria Mancini Red, the company’s first Nicaraguan offering. A skillfully crafted smoke brimming with warm hearty notes of dark roast coffee, leather, nuts, and spice, Red features the best-aged Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos surrounded by a tasty Costa Rican wrapper. With three top-quality varieties to choose from, Maria Mancini is bigger and more diverse than ever, and the only thing that has stayed the same is a very affordable price.

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