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Kristoff cigars have been pleasing discerning smokers since 2004 by handcrafting some of the finest boutique, small batch premium blends with the most stringent attention to detail. The company has built a stellar reputation using only the finest double, and triple-fermented premium tobaccos, rolled by master blenders with generations of Cuban cigar making experience. The heralded Kristoff portfolio features a varied selection of unique and tantalizing blends created to accommodate every smoker’s taste and experience level. The Kristoff Connecticut cigar line was made to satisfy smokers that prefer their sticks to be mellow to medium bodied, creamy smooth, and naturally sweet; this luxurious blend makes for the perfect morning or mid-day treat. On the other end of the strength scale, Kristoff San Andres, named for its zesty Mexican wrapper, is a medium to full bodied taste sensation that’s laced with luscious notes of chocolate, leather, and spice, backed by an intensely rich, dark-roast coffee core. Right in the middle of these two tasty sticks is the medium bodied Kristoff Kristania. All rolled in popular big ring sizes, these stately stogies serve up inviting flavors of espresso, cocoa, vanilla, and just the perfect touch of spice. Your smoking satisfaction doesn’t stop here, because there’s several more tantalizing Kristoff cigars blends available to accommodate your personal taste. Browse our selection of the most popular and bestselling Kristoff cigars, all available right here at JR, and find a few that are just right for you!

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