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AJ Fernandez is a rising star within the premium cigar industry and has a slew of collaborations with famous brands, but AJ Fernandez New World Puro Especial cigars prove that AJ is worthy of his top-rated accolades. Renowned for providing a Nicaraguan twist to many popular brands, New World Puro Especial proves that AJ Fernandez is among the kings of Nicaraguan tobaccos.

Celebrating Christopher Colombus’ discovery of the Americas, Puro Especial highlights the history of tobacco with a collaboration of a different nature; these gems were blended by AJ’s father, Ismael, whose pedigree in the industry spans decades.

For Puro Especial, a blend of aged Nicaraguan long fillers, a hearty Nicaraguan Habano binder, and a top-quality Nicaraguan Habano wrapper were selected to capture the richness and complexity of Nicaraguan tobaccos.

Perfect for a seasoned aficionado, prepare your palate for a bold and flavorful full-bodied tapestry of cocoa, spice, roasted nuts, leather, dried fruit, and tobacco sweetness that is certain to satisfy. Coupled with the AJ Fernandez’s signature top-notch construction, these gems will open up your humidor to a whole new world of bountiful smoking experiences.

Available in a variety of sizes and packaging quantities to fit any aficionado’s budget, order some AJ Fernandez New World Puro Especial cigars online from JR today and savor one of the best blends yet to come from AJ Fernandez! For more information about AJ Fernandez cigars, check out our buying guide on The Blending Room.

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