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 Another great cigar by AJ Fernandez, the San Lotano TheBull, packs quite the kick. Straight from AJ Fernandez’s factory in Esteli,Nicaragua, this blend was originally crafted by his grandfather in Cuba wayback when. But the hardships and tumultuous history of the San Lotano name didnot stop the company from becoming the renowned brand we all know and love.

A relatively new cigar, The Bull showcases the distinctiveblending talents of AJ Fernandez. Though fresh on the scene, it has receivedoverwhelmingly positive ratings. In addition, they say it smokes so well you’dthink they’ve been producing it for decades.

The first thing you might notice is the premium Sumatrawrapper – well-aged, crisp and elegant. In terms of flavor, the Nicaraguanfillers offer unique strength and taste for a medium to full-bodied result.Complemented by an even burn and draw, notes of espresso and oak lead intoleathery tones as The Bull culminates in a rich billowing smoke. With abox-pressed finish, some call it the best cigar in San Lotano’s sprawling collection.

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