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Captain Black pipe tobacco has remained the world's largest and most popular selling brand of domestic pipe tobaccos for well over 50 years. These decadent blends started the aromatic pipe tobacco craze in the early 1960s with their full rich flavored profiles and sweet alluring aromas. Starting with the three core lines that launched Captain Black to stardom, the Royal blend contains a smooth mixture of gold and Black Cavendish tobaccos that provide a warm fragrant bouquet of milk chocolate, black cherry and cocoa flavors with just a pinch of sweet spice. Captain Black White, possibly the most popular blend, uses the same ingredients as the Royal, but provides a slightly smoother experience with its smooth fragrant notes of vanilla, sweet cream, and nutty tobacco. Along with these incredibly flavorful tobacco mixtures, you can check out the Captain Black Cherry, a highly fragrant taste sensation that never bites, and the Captain Black Dark, a pure Black Cavendish blend made from premium Burley tobaccos that have been fire-cured to perfection. Black cherry, anise, coffee bean, and dark fruit flavors, along with a bakery fresh aroma combine for an incredibly satisfying smoke. Buy Captain Black tobacco online, it is well worth putting in your pipe and smoking, especially at JR Cigars everyday affordable price. Find your favorites and join the millions of satisfied Captain Black pipe smokers!

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