4.052631578947368 19
Brave When will you get William Penn Braves in stock 5 5 1
Brave When will William Penn BRAVES be back in stock. When will you never run out of them. JR always runs out of them but this time it's been over 2 months out of stock....... 5 5 1
Brave When will you have the William Penn BRAVES back in stock? I want to order 20 boxes ASAP 2 5 1
Brave Good but not best 4 5 1
Brave Great cigars but inconsistent draw. 5 5 1
Brave no comment 4 5 1
Brave I bought the Braves in error due to the fact that my favorite WmPenn Perfectos have not been available for the past 2 orders. I have 4 boxes of Braves unopened and would like to return for the Perfectos. Please advise!!! 2 5 1
Brave Can never get them through this site anymore. Always sold out. Have been trying for over a month!! 1 5 1
Brave I prefer the braves. 5 5 1
Brave Braves are good I remember that they used to be bigger in the last batch that I got had e that you couldn't smoke they were tore up but over all there great cigar 5 5 1
Brave A very nice small cigar 5 5 1
Brave Wrapper is slightly sweet upon mouth to cigar contact, but you won’t taste the sweetness when actually smoking. I personally like that. Overall draw was great and it burns evenly. This Cigar is not bad at all. 3 5 1
Brave Good Product timely delivery fair price 4 5 1
Brave Ok draw 5 5 1
Brave Love these. They are my "short" cigar". 5 5 1
Brave Good. Don't like to be bothered by any company after a purchase. This is also why I give no company my phone number 3 5 1
Brave Been buying these since Altadis stopped making Supre Sweets. 5 5 1
Brave Smooth 5 5 1
Brave Ordered by mistake. I normally smoke perfectos. Too small 4 5 1

William Penn

Brave 4.69 × 28 WPB

Seasoned smokers, and new smokers alike, looking to go old school, will enjoy the smooth consistent flavor of these timeless machine made William Penn Brave, in 10 packs of 5 (5 Total).
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Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Natural Tobacco Leaf

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