4.340425531914893 47
Gordito Drew Estate cigars are fantastic this Connecticut wrapper is not the best. Ok stick for beginners but not a favorite 4 5 1
Gordito Great cigar. The only complaint one of the box burned a little off. The flavor and consistency of the rest were fantastic. 4 5 1
Gordito I love the mellow yet deep flavor in the cigar. It is soooo easy to smoke great draw pleasant flavor. The construction is really nice too 5 5 1
Gordito Didn't care for this. A little too light for me and not much flavor. Boring cigar 3 5 1
Gordito Great mild to medium stick that burns perfectly. 2 hours of wonderful flavors and beautiful smoke output 4 5 1
Gordito Not one I would go to but it is still a very good smoke just not much flavor there for me 4 5 1
Gordito I love drew estate. This cigar is smooth and good anytime of the day. They have every variety depending on your taste. 5 5 1
Gordito Undercrown shade shots what in drew estate cigars is The Best great cigar excelent tastes and build look goregous 5 5 1
Gordito My favorite light body smoke! Despite being light body it’s still packed with flavor. Great construction and flawless razor sharp burns! 5 5 1
Gordito Not a fan of this one. The larger ring gauge tends to give it way too much air flow and it burns pretty hot. Flavor was flat and one dimensional. 2 5 1
Gordito If you’re a fan of Connecticut’s put this one on your short list. Perfect for day time with coffee. 4 5 1
Gordito Very mild and flavorful. Very easy going smoke. The wrapper was a little flakey but it held together well. 10/10 would smoke another. 4 5 1
Gordito The Undercrown Shade Gordito is a nice mellow stogie. Good taste and aroma 5 5 1
Gordito Drew Estate got this right! Great smoke. Very consistent burn. Great construction. Great draw. Worth it. 5 5 1
Gordito I’m not a normal smoker of Connecticut wrappers but I’m a lover of this one. Perfect morning smoke 4 5 1
Gordito Delicious Connecticut. Smooth and creamy. Lots of smoke and great burn. So relaxing. I will definitely smoke again. 5 5 1
Gordito The undergrowth shade is a nice mellow morn stick great with coffee and after breakfast love it 5 5 1
Gordito The undercrown brand is part of the drew estate brand that was bought out by general cigars. The shade is a Connecticut wrapper of the regular Undercrown. It is mild. 4 5 1
Gordito Very good cigar by drew estate nice creamy smooth mild to medium stick the shadend is good but I really enjoy the underrown 4 5 1
Gordito Love this cigar. Beautiful to look at and to smoke. Smooth even draw and hirn. Wrapper is smooth and smoke is rich and creamy. An excellent way to spend an hour relaxing. 5 5 1
Gordito Undercrown is a great after lunch cigar! I love it’s even burn! It’s vanilla spicy wood finish 5 5 1
Gordito I had a slight burn issue but true to form it’s a drew estate so high smoke output and pretty solid construction but I guess I don’t care for the CT shade leaf so not my deal 4 5 1
Gordito Cant go wrong with Drew estate great construction nice clean burn delicious creamy smoke 5 5 1
Gordito The undercrown shade gordito is an excellent choice for a smoke burns well tastes exquisite a little more expensive but not as bad as a liga. 4 5 1
Gordito Undercrown shade is one of my favorites always burn good with a consistent flavor. Highly recommend trying if you haven't yet. 4 5 1
Gordito I've only had one of these. Il still trying to learn how to tell the different flavors if you can tell. But this one had a good taste burned even and had a good draw 5 5 1
Gordito The Undercrown Shade Gordito is it really good mild creamy and nutty cigar 5 5 1
Gordito Has a light buttery feel. Smokes great and is very enjoyable and a great way to relax 3 5 1
Gordito Drew Estates impresses me each year. Very fun cigar. Smooth little but of spice but the sweetness works well. They say honey and I get it on this one. Worth the price for sure. 4 5 1
Gordito This UC Shade is a great light smoke. Full of flavor with the quality you can expect from UC cigars. 5 5 1
Gordito This is a fat cigar but with a really mellow flavor and body. Drew Estate does it right and this is no exception. Doesn't get harsh not too tight overall an enjoyable smoke all the way through. 4 5 1
Gordito Excellent draw. Great construction. This has been an old time favorite. I come back to it every once in a while and I’m never disappointed. 5 5 1
Gordito I was not to impressed burned uneven and it was soft didn't feel Wright holding it flavor wasn't bad med to full 3 5 1
Gordito The undercrown shade has to be one of my favorites from the Drew Estate line. It is very smooth and a mild to medium in my opinion. 4 5 1
Gordito I was gifted one of these. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Creamy spicy smoke. And tons of output. Some nuttiness and woody. It was a pleasant experience. I would buy again if price is right 5 5 1
Gordito Great smoke output burn was great too just a little on light(mild) side for me 4 5 1
Gordito Lighter on flavor but I really enjoyed this Connecticut. Perfect when you're in the mood for smooth creamy smoke that won't burn your nose. 5 5 1
Gordito This undercrown is crazy! Everything is perfect...construction look smell...i really recommend!!! In my opinion 10/10 4 5 1
Gordito These are a great medium body cigar. I bought some samplers and enjoyed tase cigar 5 5 1
Gordito This is one of my favorite cigars. Very sweet and creamy flavors goes well with a nice cold cream soda 5 5 1
Gordito Got a 5 pack of these from a friend. They look good. Felt nice and smooth in my hands. But when I smoked them they each tasted different. Too mild for me as well 2 5 1
Gordito The undercrowns shade is one of very few CT blends I enjoy smoking quite a bit. If you are looking to try out something different and don't smoke many CT blends because they don't do the trick for you I suggest you try the shade. These have a nice pepper kick on the retrohake along with graham cracker and honey sweetness 4 5 1
Gordito This continues to be one of my favorite cigars with deep rich times of spice and nuts and leather and chocolate. It is a very unique cigar. 5 5 1
Gordito This one for sure is one of my favorite mild cigars and everything about it is just good 5 5 1
Gordito Good smoke im not a big fan of the wrapper but not bad at all its alot like the maduro just mellow in flavor to me 4 5 1
Gordito This Undercrown is the perfect size I loved the shade grown wrapper this is a fantastic blend with one of the best draw to smoke ratios 5 5 1
Gordito Love this cigar. Beautiful to look at and to smoke. Smooth even draw and hirn. Wrapper is smooth and smoke is rich and creamy. An excellent way to spend an hour relaxing. 5 5 1

Undercrown Shade

Gordito 6 × 60 LPUCTG

This short, fat, premium beauty from Drew Estate, features an Ecuadoran Connecticut wrapper a Sumatran binder and Dominican Criollo, Nicaragua Criollo and Corojo fillers. Each puff offers tons of complexity, and features delightful notes of sweet cream, nuts, and toast, with subtle hints of warm spice and honey. Sold in boxes of 25.

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Ecuador Connecticut Shade


Dominican Republic / Nicaragua




Box of 25

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