3.925 80
Gordo Construction was great! Burn was okay but my box needs some age! I passed out three of them to friends to make sure I wasn’t going crazy. I even cut one open and the smell of ammonia was so strong it burned my nose. Hopefully in a few months they will be as good as it seems everyone else’s is. Really let down cause I based the purchase off the reviews... 2 5 1
Gordo Looked great. burned great plenty of smoke tasted like nothing. A real disappointment. 3 5 1
Gordo Excellent smoke. Yes the reviews are accurate. A very complex and full cigar. The taste and aroma is what I like ta 1st and creamy. This seasoned cigar nut is pleased. 5 5 1
Gordo Big fan of AJ Fernandez and Uncharted did not disappoint!! Try to always buy on sale to stretch my gar dollar and enjoy better quality. Definitely improves with more time in the humidor like most cigars. I will smoke this down to burning fingers!! 5 5 1
Gordo This is a great cigar. I'm glad that I gave it a try. AJ. Fernandez is a genius blending tabaco. I haven't tried all his blend but so far this is one of my favorites. I already ordered two more ten pack in robusto and torpedo size. Talking about construction burn and flavor I don't have words to describe it. Lot of flavor flow less construction it hold the ash pretty well and the aroma and the smoke that it put is awesome. Proud to be AJ. Fernandez Paisano. 5 5 1
Gordo A.J Fernandez does it again. This is a very well made cigar. Everything is spot on starting at the constitution down to the burn. This is one of my favorite cigars. 5 5 1
Gordo A cosistent cigar. Not good. All the good reviews were last year's. I found them to be dried out and stale. The ffirst two I smoked unraveled. They are consistently bad. Not one I would buy again. 3 5 1
Gordo Great pull great taste and long lasting! One heck of a deal for 20 cigars love this site! 4 5 1
Gordo Outstanding smoke great burn good pricing! I would most certainly recommend this cigar to all my friends! 5 5 1
Gordo Way to go uncharted. Bought one of these to take to my local humidor for poker night. Lasted well into the night with out having to be relight. Liked the draw. Nice and easy 3 5 1
Gordo This is a delightful cigar. I enjoyed this thoroughly. Don't expect the greatest cigar ever made . This in a nice cigar by Aj Fernandez. I've never had a bad cigar from him. 4 5 1
Gordo It is a nice cigar! Just not my flavor for this one! But will treat you nice and be good one to smoke if you like flavor! 3 5 1
Gordo These cigars are made to perfection. Flawless draw and smoke. Really a joy. 4 5 1
Gordo I was a bit disappointed by this line. Was a bit sour and rough. I had to fight to finish it. Wanted more 4 5 1
Gordo other then a few touch ups cigar looks and burns good. Draw was perfect taste off the start was nice peppery with nice spicy notes also had coffee and little caramel. Loved it!! 4 5 1
Gordo Great cigar all around. I would reccomend for any fellow smoker. Shop around for the best deals! 5 5 1
Gordo An interesting smoke not a huge fan of the Gordo vitola but not a bad cigar by any stretch of the imagination. Good draw reasonable burn and decent construction make for an enjoyable experience. 4 5 1
Gordo Good decent smoke when your grilling or doing yard work. Not the most complex flavored but not bad by any means 3 5 1
Gordo Good everyday smoke if you can get your hands on a few. Its creamy with a warm taste like icy hot feeling on exhale. 4 5 1
Gordo Great construction really nice flavor bought a few and need more. Great for those scotch nights 4 5 1
Gordo This cigar initially Was a tough smoke...opened up halfway thru. Did not have a consistent smoke. Flavores Not consistent started with a bit dry and blank. Flavore kicked in halfway. 2 5 1
Gordo For the price it is a really good cigar. I love the flavors of it and while the draw was a bit tight overall it was great cigar. I would suggest this to anyone looking for a decent priced cigar 4 5 1
Gordo I really like uncharted as a brand and feel like they are exactly what you want when you open the packaging on their cigars. A Surely spicy smoke sending succulent sensations soaring skyward. 4 5 1
Gordo I had my first Uncharted several weeks ago (Belicoso) and liked it a lot so I picked up this Gordo. It was thicker and more enjoyable for me. It had a very dark rich flavor with some spices sprinkled in the mix. Medium/full bodied that wasn't too hard to smoke. Seamless and smooth wrapper that held together well only needed a minor touch during the smoke. Overall I was impressed with Uncharted once again. 4 5 1
Gordo Decent cigar. A little harder draw than what I prefer. Did have trouble with it running on me after it was lit. Ended up having to cut and relight. Nice flavor to it regardless 3 5 1
Gordo This is a great stick for the price. I cannot say enough good things about these. Get all you can. You won't regret it. 4 5 1
Gordo A great smoke to enjoy everyday no complaints at all good draw beautiful construction and a smooth consistent flavor all the way trough 4 5 1
Gordo Decent cigar good draw and consistent construction. I would have preferred a darker wrapper but it was still an enjoyable cigar! 3 5 1
Gordo Nice draw and flavor. Does not damage your throat and cause any discomfort. Perfect for a nice drive on a Sunday. 4 5 1
Gordo The uncharted gordois a fine cigargreat draweven burnwonderful structure never had one unravel on mewould rate this baby at a 9 4 5 1
Gordo Very sharp looking cigar nice draw with a mellow taste. Tried one in a sampler and was pretty impressed. 5 5 1
Gordo I wasn't sure what I was getting into when I bought these.. but once I took my first puff I was like wow what a great taste... 3 5 1
Gordo Pretty good smoke nice draw and burn medium to full with good finish. Had a few that wanted to burn sideways but overall nice smoke 4 5 1
Gordo I hav ordered Uncharted Gordo many times & have never been disappointed. Great draw construction & even burn at an affordable price. 4 5 1
Gordo This is my second box and I am still enjoying. I would have rated 5 stars but a few days ago I unwrapped one and it had no draw at all. It wouldn't even take a light. I'm hoping this was just a one-off. Smoked 1 or 2 since and haven't had that problem. 4 5 1
Gordo Excellent draw and construction. Outstanding job with taste. Whoever this AF Fernandez guy is hope he keeps it up. I got my first box for a song. Subsequent auctions @ JR indicates people are noticing. 5 5 1
Gordo I think I am through with 60 ring cigars. As usual this size is not as good as the smaller rings. The robusto is very good with way less burn issues. And the Toro is available in 5 packs. That will be the one I try next. This needs to rest a few months at least. 3 5 1
Gordo I don't know what the other folks are talking about in their reviews. I couldn't get all the way through one of these. The first half was OK but nothing special. Halfway through they clog and go out and when you relight they get nastier and hotter than any other cigar in recent memory. JR might think of another way to get folks to try their new brands because I'll think twice next time. I wish I hadn't bought these. 2 5 1
Gordo Great smoke never heard of it and was pleasantly surprised. I bought it as a special which was the way to buy it . 4 5 1
Gordo Wonderful smoke! 5 5 1
Gordo I always keep a box on hand. A. J. Fernandez knows how to blend fine cigars. Great cigar for the price. 3 5 1
Gordo Not an Arturo Fuente but a great cigar nonetheless. Even draw slow burning - good 9 hole cigar. Will buy again. 4 5 1
Gordo Pleasantly surprised with this cigar. Could be compared with the best AJ Fernandez has to offer. Good pepper flavor with some spice. 4 5 1
Gordo I did not like this cigar at all. The draw was horrible. The flavors were not good one bit and it kept going out 1 5 1
Gordo Really great new smoke quite flavorful and a perfect cigar for after dinner with a strong drink in your hands! Definitely can be enjoyed at any time of the day though! 4 5 1
Gordo Good cigar! Because it burns even and it last at least 45 min to an hour! 4 5 1
Gordo I knew a guy in college named Gordon Force everybody called him G-force or more often Gordo mostly because he was crazy and out of control! Kinda like these sticks you would be crazy not to order some with these outta control prices!! Get some you'll like em 3 5 1
Gordo This cigar has decent flavor and construction. It wasn't great but it was good. 4 5 1
Gordo I LOVE the Uncharteds! I would smoke these everyday although I do prefer a darker kind. 5 5 1
Gordo Just like and big cigar this one packs a punch definitely make u feel manly 2 5 1
Gordo Solid stick with some spice to it and a nice earthy hint on the finish. Actually kinda reminded me of Indian food 3 5 1
Gordo No huge appeal here but it is a good smoke. Not in my personal top ten but it is a good cigar to have around for company without feeling cheap 4 5 1
Gordo Uncharted means a path never taken. And these cigars follow a path of their own. They are a good medium smoke. The construction was good and the burn was fair 5 5 1
Gordo One of my favorites! My go to smoke whenever I have a rough day. The taste and smoothness is as good as any cigar at any price 4 5 1
Gordo Not bad cigar. It's bold but mild and good consistency. Taste is not bad either compared to most cigars like this. Construction was perfect and the burn consistency was at its best 3 5 1
Gordo Not a bad cigar decent flavor the burn was ok and It lasted a pretty long time the construction was ok It had a good wrap. I have smoked several of these with friends and most like them. 3 5 1
Gordo Full of flavor. I'd consider this more of a medium body but either way it's very comity and consistent! 4 5 1
Gordo The cigars i received were a bit dry. I aged them which helped. The flavor seemed to jump around a lot. I did not really like this. The burn was a bit uneven which may have been part of the issue. I would smoke these if they were given to me but I would not buy them outright again. 3 5 1
Gordo Everything you would expect coming from a AJ Fernanadez camp. Great taste even burn well constructed 5 5 1
Gordo This cigar is awesome!!! I could not find one thing that I had an issue with it burned nice and slow it burned even the flavor profile was also on point 4 5 1
Gordo Another classic cigar from AJ. Draw was great and burned very evenly throughout. 5 5 1
Gordo As is customary with an AJ Fernandez blend (did I mention this cigar is an AJ Fernandez blend?) there is white pepper in the first puff or two. Already pleased when a sip of my drink brings out an overwhelming caramel-molasses note–I highly suggest pairing this cigar with a sugary beverage to taste what I’m tasting. The end of the first third brings about cocoa mild coffee and nutmeg. All around solid first third. and... If you had handed me this cigar without its band and told me it was the latest from LFD or Tatuaje I would’ve believed you. AJ Fernandez and JR deliver a bold strong spicy blend that does not disappoint. There’s complexity there’s solid construction and there’s no harshness or acridness that would indicate cheap filler tobacco. Honestly I’m blown out of the water with this cigar and my excitement grew even greater when I realized that this cigar retails at 20/$85. About $4 per cigar. I’d easily pay $9 for this cigar and not bat an eye. 3 5 1
Gordo Only reason I'm not rating it perfect is because it's not as creamy as I would like...but this bad boy is one good cigar. Easy to smoke. smooth good flavor and I got 20 of em. MMMMMMMMM 4 5 1
Gordo Wow I am a three a day cigar smoker, mostly Maduro, just got a special price on these, bought 20, what a hunk of cigar. AJ did a great job with these, great smooth smoke, and lots of it too. Easy draw, easy light, just give yourself plenty of time to smoke one, it is big. I recommend these to anyone wanting a great smoke.... 4 5 1
Gordo WOW what a smoke. So Good I bought another box after they gave a discount on 2nd box. Big flavor easy draw I have a nice glass of single malt and it just doesn’t get any better. Give yourself plenty of time for this boy, it’s at least a hour long smoke. It’s my Go To smoke now. It’s a medium to slightly full body. Leave them in the humidor for a week and bust one out and enjoy one of life’s last treasures. 5 5 1
Gordo Nice smoke!! 4 5 1
Gordo I will smoke this again. 4 5 1
Gordo Great stick for the price. Nice and full bodied. 4 5 1
Gordo If you can get these on sale then even better. Definitely box worthy. Another one to add to my growing list of Daily smokes. Nice flavors, great aromas, amazing smoke output, adventurous labeling, priced right. 5 5 1
Gordo These are great cigars. Draw, flavor, burn, construction are all pretty well perfect for my taste. Every cigar I’ve smoked so far has been the same level of good. These things burn slow and last long time. Maybe an hour and a half plus of casual smoking. 5 5 1
Gordo If you are signed up for JR emails you’ll see these on sale about once a month. They are very good full strength Maduros for the price. When the Boneshakers are out of stock this is my go-to daily stick. 4 5 1
Gordo I really enjoy these cigars. on the stronger side of medium but not overpowering. Good draw and rolled well. 4 5 1
Gordo One of the best cigars I have ever had. Excellent flavor, smooth consistent draw, and an even burn til the end. This came as apart of a Gordo Sampler, and I had never heard of this brand, so my expectations were modest. Boy was I ever surprised. 5 5 1
Gordo Great flavor, I would say fairly strong,or on the heavy side of medium. I bought a box, and after smoking one cigar, I decided to grab another box. 5 5 1
Gordo About s good as it gets 5 5 1
Gordo Excellent cigar for the money, just ordered two more boxes. 4 5 1
Gordo Good draw and construction but lacked flavor 4 5 1
Gordo Got this stick as part of a sampler, so on the cheap. Great smoke for only a few dollars. Good draw and flavor and did good job of holding its flavor. 4 5 1
Gordo Every stick in the box was awesome. Will purchase again. 5 5 1
Gordo I've had this cigar multiple times, so it was time to buy a box. Mild to medium body, nutty, cedar, creamy light pepper and leather are the flavors I get. 5 5 1


Gordo 6 × 60 UNG

Uncharted Gordo is a big 6 x 60-flavor monster made in the famous AJ Fernandez factory. A rare dark brown Ligera Habano Ecuador wrapper covers Nicaraguan and Jamastran binder and filler leaf. Sumptuous and bold, this beauty displays hearty notes of spice, pepper, cedar, black coffee, and caramel. Sold in boxes of 20, Uncharted is worthy of being a staple in every cigar enthusiasts humidor.

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Ligera Habano Ecuador

Mexican San Andres

Nicaragua / Jamastran


Medium - Full


Box of 20

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