4.4 5
Gordo Gordo Always a good draw, great construction. Wish they came in a 60 gauge 5 5 1
Gordo Gordo Steve Saka does it again, Umbagog such a good, dependable cigar, 5 5 1
Gordo Gordo I love these sticks but, I wont get them from JR at that price. 3 5 1
Gordo Gordo Very good cigar. Well worth they money. Budget cigar, I don’t think so. If so, best budget cigar I ever had. I don’t need any other. 5 5 1
Gordo Gordo As a cigar enthusiast, I find the Dunbarton Umbagog Gordo Gordo to be an excellent everyday smoke. From the moment I first held it, I could tell that it was a cigar of exceptional quality, despite the wrapper being a little rough visually. This rustic appearance, however, doesn't detract from the smoking experience. When I lit the Gordo Gordo, the first puffs revealed a rich and robust flavor profile. The blend of earthy, leathery, and spicy notes was wonderfully balanced, providing a full-bodied yet accessible smoking experience. Despite its robustness, there are occasions when it requires a touch-up with a lighter, but this is a minor inconvenience in the overall experience. The size of the Gordo Gordo, being larger, meant a longer and more immersive smoking session. This allowed me to really savor the complex flavors and appreciate the craftsmanship that went into making this cigar. The burn was mostly consistent throughout, and the draw was smooth, two aspects that are crucial for a satisfying cigar experience. Overall, my experience with the Dunbarton Umbagog Gordo Gordo was extremely positive. The balance between its rugged exterior and bold flavors is a testament to the blending skills of Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust. For anyone looking for a hearty, flavor-packed smoke, especially in a larger format, the Umbagog Gordo Gordo is an excellent choice and a great value smoke. 4 5 1


Gordo Gordo 6 × 56 UMGGG

Umbagog Gordo Gordo is part of a new economy blend from master blender, and tobacco expert Steve Saka and his boutique Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Company. Available in affordable bundles of 10, The Umbagog blend utilizes broadleaf wrappers deemed too ugly for use on the Mi Querida line. However, with Saka’s signature core of aged Nicaraguan binder and long fillers resting underneath,  you still get a delicious medium to full-bodied smoke for a fraction of the cost of their first string counterparts. They may not be too good-looking, but with mouthwatering notes of pepper, cocoa, earth, leather, and sweet spice, they more than make up for it in flavor.  

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